Crewest- La Bulla’s Art Exhibit Curator

Exodus Events execute mind-blowing art exhibits, and for all of us that have attended their shows know that from the moment we walk into the art space; we are taken into a mesmerizing journey. With that being said, I am really excited that Man One founder of Crewest will be this year’s La Bulla’s Art Curator!

All of us in the Graffiti and Art community know all the hard work Man One has done over the years, as well as how many artists he helped while Crewest gallery was up and running in its full glory. I still remember the first time I went during an Art walk and went to hang out at his gallery; nothing but good times and great people I met there. For sure we can all expect an awesome art exhibit; the list of fellow friends and other talented artists are bringing their best game for this night!

Although many attend to be a part of a fun art loving-music dancing night, you are also contributing profits to fund programs provided to by Plaza de la Raza. Aside to coming to support this awesome event, I ask all of you to also support another great cause that many have not had the chance to be a part of. Antonio Pelayo and I were discussing this evening the heart breaking news of Man One’s wife Laura Poli being diagnosed with Cancer. So many people are being affected by this monstrous disease and it is devastating to hear this news. We want Man One and his family to know we are all praying for strength and for best results on her treatments that will cure her. Laura Poli’s family has set up a Go Fund Me page to help assist with her treatment costs and it is our responsibility as a community to help a family that has given so much to the Arts community for decades.

Please click on the link below and lets help them reach their goal. Share with your friends and family her link as well.

Much Love and Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon

laura poli



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