Teen Angels Magazine Art Show -Mi Vida Boutique @ NELA ART WALK

I am always happy to see my Primas from Mi Vida Boutique hosting cool, cultural art shows in our NELA community, we need more venues like this supporting our Chicana/o and Latinos Artists! With that being said, please come down for the Teen Angels Magazine Art Show which will e held on the June 14,... Continue Reading →

Recap of the Silver Battle 2014 Kalm One takes it all!

Kalm Oner SKA STP takes the winning title on January 11, 2014 at the Silver Battle which started off the New Year for all Graffheads and Graff lovers. I must say even though little circumstances such as the cops trying to shut us down and take away the dopest sounds of Huskey Radio; we all... Continue Reading →

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