Services provided are:

  • Written content for websites or blogs.
  • Art historical research.
  • Writing about your art work, company events or organization.
  • Work with other publications; if you are interested in featuring my stories in your sites, magazines, newsletters, blogs. Or if you would like for me to assist you in writing a story, research or magazine articles.
  • Assistance in grant writing, artistic or event proposals.
  • Editing art portfolios, resumes and biographies.
  • I work on a Contract Base- and prefer to reserve rights to my writings, unless you would like to set up a contract for my work to be exclusive for your business.
  • If you are a non profit or not funded and need assistance for a great cause, I am always excited to help my community- email me- we can discuss in further detail.

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  1. Hi Monica

    Stumbled upon your blog. You look great! and a super job.
    I hope everything is going well.
    I am SO PROUD of you.

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