Chris Hollow Myers

christart!1.jpgI got the chance to meet Chris Hollow Myers by means of destiny and I am very excited to see the outcome of his future career as an artist. Chris was born and raised in the SGV area and is currently attending California State Polytechnic University of Pomona and is majoring in Graphic Design. His interest in art matured during his years in high school through the encouragement of his teachers John Bibeau and Chris Burgan. His inspiration has been in some way related to him by depicting scenes that are visually hard to look at, often depicting “monsters” forcing the viewer to want to stare and at the same time look away.myers1

“My method is haphazard, I will just start and run with it and see where it takes me. I usually have a final result in mind, but that may change as I progress through the creating process of a piece.  My style is more illustrative; however I take inspiration from many different sources. Although I take great influence from graffiti art, primarily from the “characters” or human like figures that are greatly exaggerated and abstracted in appearance.

Which art do I prefer? I love street art as well contemporary illustrations, show me an art piece that has soul and emotion in it, and it will most likely receive my blessing, paint splashes on a white canvas will not. I would love to work with the infamous Shepard Fairey, being a graduate of the Rhode Island school of design, he is an artist who has taken his graphic design background and applied into his ever most popular street art; in a way I hope to do someday. As of right now I will go wherever it takes me”. (Chris Hollow Myers)

The first image is “Untitled”48×36 Multimedia.  “Is a symbolic representation of myself. Inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, it is meant to be visually disturbing yet evoke apathy for the monster.”

Human(above image)”Human” 40×30 multimedia. Is narrative of a decaying robot who wishes nothing more than to be human.

Q:  Are there any other forms of art that you can deliver, besides drawing, painting and computer graphics?

A:I have taken a 3-D design class where we were forced to create 3-d works of art that encapsulated emotion and mood through pure design and the exclusion of imagery. An example would be, a project where we had to design a 3-D representation of a song of our choice. I chose a dub step song, and used neon colored bendy straws escaping from a black cube crashing into another string of neon colored lightning to create a sense of the chaos and sharp mood the song gave while listening to it.

Hollow has only exhibited his work at on campus art exhibits so far but I personally think that this amazing young artist has a lot of potential and pure talent. And if guided by the right people he will go far.

The Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast



Save the date for May 11, 2013 because Inkstainz Brand is doing it again! and bringing the dopest Graffiti battle event that Los Angeles debuted on January 19, 2013 to San Diego, California!

Besk Oner is working along with a great team of supporters to bring to life yet another historical event in the Graffiti World.

Speaking with him in regards to how this is going to go down; he will be bringing the first winner of the Silver True & Blue Battle Aloy, SKA, MSK as a special guest and get down with the paint as well as many others that Inkstains Brand will soon announce.

To qualify for this battle, Graffiti Writers have to be from the San Diego Area. The concept is going to remain the same as the participants will only be allowed to use Silvers and Blues as the main colors. As well as only using letters as the main subject matter to keep the true classic essence of lettering and basic colors.

And yours truly will be there with our booth vending amazing art work, merchandise and photography from our fellow Graffiti Artists from Los Angeles such as Pryer, Aloy and many others.

SAN DIEGO HERE WE COME! What a great way to spend my Birthday Weekend!

silver true blue battle

Stay posted as more details will be available for us.