Women’s Herstory Month: Honoring Lupita- Woman of Steel

A strong Mujer is one that always thinks about others, her actions are honest and genuine. She always sacrifices for righteousness even on her weakest moments without thinking about recognition; sees the good in people and believes she can change the world. This defines a strong Chingona Mujer and I am honored to kick off... Continue Reading →

Crewest- La Bulla’s Art Exhibit Curator

Exodus Events execute mind-blowing art exhibits, and for all of us that have attended their shows know that from the moment we walk into the art space; we are taken into a mesmerizing journey. With that being said, I am really excited that Man One founder of Crewest will be this year's La Bulla's Art... Continue Reading →

La Bulla 2016- Lucha Libre Celebration Coming Soon!

We have all been waiting for our official date of gathering with Lucha Libre fanatics and art lovers celebrating an evening of our enriched Cultura Mexicana and lowriders in the city of Angels. Exodus is kicking off this year with La Bulla-A Lucha Libre Experience on Saturday, April 30, 2016 at legendary Plaza de la... Continue Reading →

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