Women’s Herstory Month: Honoring Lupita- Woman of Steel


A strong Mujer is one that always thinks about others, her actions are honest and genuine. She always sacrifices for righteousness even on her weakest moments without thinking about recognition; sees the good in people and believes she can change the world. This defines a strong Chingona Mujer and I am honored to kick off Women’s Herstory Month 2016 with our very own Woman of Steel: Lupita Garcia Founder of Fuck Cancer Crew. She deserves recognition for all her hard work in the community; not only as an advocate for any victim of this monstrous illness but also for being such an amazing individual with whom we can all rely on any time any place.

Lupita is consistently organizing fundraisers, benefits concerts and always coming up with new ideas to help others, especially Cancer victims. And as a result, the Graffiti community as well as many artists that love and support her have also joined forces with her and her battle with Cancer. On August 9, 2014, the Graff Lab and Frame DTK organized a Graffiti party “Fuck Cancer” fundraiser to help Lupita with her treatment expenses.  This is just one of the many times we have all joined with her treatment expenses.  This is just one of the many times we have all joined together to honor Lupita over the years.

She is not the type of woman who wants her battle with Cancer make her appear weak or live in self-pity; instead, she holds herself strong as the great Woman of Steel she is. Her mission is for others to have a good time and celebrate life to the fullest while she makes events such as “Dancing the Cancer Away” Benefits concert she held on November 14-15, 2015. During the holidays, her spirit lights even brighter; as she hosts her annual Haunted House in her community to bring scares and laughs to everyone during her favorite Halloween festivities with not only Haunted Houses but also awesome traditions of Pumpkin Carving Contests as the one she held on Halloween 2014.

She gives the public the opportunity to genuinely want to help her as much as she wants to help others. I have known Lupita for a few years now and I have had the honor to work with her in various art and community events and I must say that it is always a pleasure to be in her presence. I have never met a woman who approaches life in such a strong Chingona way as she does! No pity parties here. For this and for an end less list of good deeds she has done for Cancer victims, children and her Graffiti community; she has been nominated as one of our Strong Inspiring Woman that over the years she continuously supports her community. And I am sure we will see many more years filled with adventurous moments with Lupita, organizing benefit shows and selling her brand merchandise everywhere. Her statement is as true as it gets, Fuck Cancer! She has established not only a brand but a statement to live for herself. She has given this gift to hundreds of victims and supporters over the years as well. She is an inspiration to many of us and we all got her back on anything she plans to do to make this world a better place.

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon

Here are some links to help support our Woman of Steel!





Here’s my story for those asking:

My name is Lupita Garcia a mommy to 3 beautiful kids (JR 19, Bella 11, and Ari 20) and a wife to (Ray Garcia). They are not only my life support but also my happiness and reason for wanting to fight to live. Without them I don’t think id survive this battle. For what now seems like a lifetime (going on yrs) I’ve been battling cancer. I’ve had cancer in my breasts, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer the most recent diagnosis is stomach cancer that has metastasized. This journey with cancer has been the hardest, most chaotic and heart breaking experience of my life. Still, despite so much tragedy, loss and almost giving in I was able to find myself. In doing so i found the person I was meant to be. Looking back at that moment I realize that I was walking down a dark path I was allowing this cancer to consume in more ways than one. I’ve heard people say that in darkness we either find ourselves or lose ourselves. I was lucky to be able to experience both sides. I needed to lose myself in order to find the new me. What lead to my new self is my end but for now I call it my salvation. Cancer, yes the c word the monster the horrible disease that devastates and kills, I call my salvation. Don’t get me wrong it is my worst enemy I HATE CANCER. Still somehow my cancer journey has been one that has changed me and my outlook on MY LIFE. To make it that much sweeter for me CANCER brought my family closer together and has made us all more compassionate human beings. This is what I’ve learned to live is not just breathing or getting through another day. To live is to know love happiness and most of all fulfillment. My mind and heart are in sync and for the first time in a long time I can see clearly. Every day I am alive is a blessing, it’s a gift. So every day that I get to wake up will be a day that I share my story and give someone a reason to smile. It’s my responsibility to give back and to show others that there is still hope for us. One person at a time one small act of kindness goes a long way. My family and I have found a way to fight cancer together and help those that are struggling get thru a rough patch. Together we are a stronger force and it’s the best feeling.
There is nothing in this world I want more than to be cancer free. I guess it’s not in my cards not yet anyway. My hubby once said to me cancer is the worst thing to happen to us but it has also been the best thing. It’s an unexpected blessing. I didn’t get what he meant not until I had my moment of clarity with this monster. You may understand this next statement or not. I am to some point grateful that CANCER is a part of me. I can’t say that I would have preferred to have found my purpose and myself another way. There’s a saying I can relate to now: To appreciate what you have you must suffer for it. Cancer has made me suffer its broken me more than once. It has caused the most damage to not just my life but those close to me. We’ve had to endure things that no one should ever have to. ALL THIS STILL WONT CHANGE HOW I FEEL ABOUT MY CANCER JOURNEY. I CAN ACTUALLY SAY I’M GRATEFUL THAT I WAS DAMMED WITH CANCER. I’VE MET SO MANY PEOPLE, DONE AMAZING THINGS, EXPERIENCED THINGS, LEARNED AND HAVE BECOME SOMEONE THAT PEOPLE LOOK UP TOO BECAUSE OF CANCER. THE MONSTER THAT INVADED MY BODY WITHOUT PERMISSION OR INVITE IS NOW A VIP HOLDER, FOR THE MEANTIME.

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