Recap of “These arent’ the Boards you’re looking for” Art Show

On May 14, 2016, 805 Artist Collective presented “These Aren’t the Boards You’re Looking For” Skateboard Art Show which was a Star Wars theme throughout the entire venue at legendary Skatelab which is located at 4226 Valley Fair St. Simi Valley, California. This was actually my first time attending an event hosted by 805 Artists Collective and thanks to Frida’s new fond love for SKAting; we found out about this dope event. I reached out to Tony Ross, the Master Mind behind this event and I must say that it was awesome to hang out with them and join their passion for Star Wars, skating and art.

The evening started with the invasion of Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers; they checked their perimeter and marched through the entire area. Such an exciting sight to see for the fans and especially the kids hanging out at the Skatelab. As you entered the gallery space, you get an overwhelming feeling in every step you take due to the overload of vivid colors and striking decks representing a unique creative perspective of what Star Wars means to the artists. And I must say that it was enjoyable to check out every art work because of their originality; you got a new experience in each deck. From 40oz booze bottles such as “Cloud City Malt Liquor” by Tony Ross, to a bloody eyeball Princess Leia “Zombie Leia” by Shelby Ross. And my favorite of the night “NSFW Wars” by Mad Melo, this deck was entirely done by Sharpie, big ups to you Mad Melo and please let your son know he is doing a great job with his own style in painting. Mad Melo’s son had on deck his creative style skateboards made out of cardboard, keep creating and you will see how far you will go. Art is life and as you guys are representing in the streets: SMILE!  And this is the type of individuals that inspire me everyday, they believe in creating, beautifying our streets, brighten someone’s walls with the freedom to say “this is good, yeah this is Art”.

For those who genuinely have a passion for art and understand the dedication behind a piece of work; you can agree with me that all the artists from “These aren’t the boards you’re looking for” kicked ass this night! I did not fully understand the entire Star Wars history and it is a lot of pressure on knowing about it because Star War fans are hardcore and loyal to their popular subculture but this show allowed me to enjoy Star Wars in an artistic point of view and suddenly I was not an outsider to it anymore. In other words, the artists brilliantly sucked us into another galaxy of fantasy, stormtroopers and the power of the Dark Side, surrounded with laughter and cold Pabst Blue Ribbon tall cans.

I want to thank all the artists and all the team from 805 Artist Collective for your great company and to Tony Ross for letting us kick it in the Simi Valley Art Scene much love to you all from Los Angeles and I cannot wait for the next event. And none of this would have been possible without the support from Skatelab, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Gabe Clement, EJ Heintz and The 501st Legion.

For those of you that missed it, please click on the link below, hit the Like button and check out the entire photo gallery recap of that night:

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Monica Smiles Tobon





Sur le Mur Presents: “LA to London Street Week”

Tomorrow night Sur le Murs presents “La to London Street Week” from 7:00pm to 11:00pm located at the Desmond Building 5514 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036. This is a Group Art Show and Benefit Evening which was actually extended by popular demand therefore this is your last chance to partake in this great cause!

“An official event for Brit Week LA, Sur le Mur is pleased to present an extended evening due to popular demand, “LA to London Street Week”, a group art show featuring the work of critically acclaimed American and British contemporary fine, street, and graffiti artists. Sur le Mur utilizes “ART” to support various children’s causes, and has partnered with Rock Against Trafficking, a 501C3 non-profit, focused on utilizing the power of music and celebrity in order to end human trafficking.”

For more information, please visit them on the web at and follow on @surlemurart

Tickets are available at the link below:


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Monica Smiles Tobon



#TBT Pryer One & Smile- 2009

#TBT Hashtag has been embraced by Pop Culture and it has given us the opportunity to go way back to awesome moments, embarrassing high school photos but most importantly, to get reminded of a special year or milestone in your life; to be able to reflect on how much you have grown or not is always amusing.

I think these photos were taken on February 28 2009, my first SKA Wall Production right on the train tracks somewhere on the East Side of Downtown Los Angeles. And the reason I remember the date correctly now is because we went to Kofie’s Art Show at the 01 Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles after this production. Their theme was Blue and Golds; and as the sun hit the wall, the letters would glow like fire. My love Pryer drove us down from Lancaster, where I was living at the time while attending Junior College. Just look at how thin and young we were!


It was a hot day, early in the morning; I had no idea on how long this was going to take, was not aware that there were steps to this! Its like their own version of a party with cold brews, food and music bumping; it was a good day in L.A. My plan was to tag along while he painted with his buddies and I was going to study for my midterms…ahh…yeah right. Next thing you know, we are all drinking in this damn hot sun, trash talking and listening to them clown each other hard. While the production was going on, some hipsters came with a film crew trying to film them paint without even asking, oh boy did Pryer chase them down the street and demanded respect. I remember him yelling ” this is my family!” After a heated conversation, the guys apologized and Pryer let them film under a few conditions. It was amusing to watch; thinking to myself; oh shit my vato really is a Vato Loko.


After a long hot day, they finally finished and he threw my name in his piece. I have been called Smiley forever in the streets before even knowing him, but they all said it sounded too gangster so he changed my name to “Smile” and shortly after I changed it to “Smiles”. I must admit it was fun to experience this, I still remember it like it was yesterday and will never regret choosing to live in the world of what he loves best. Been thru good times and bad times in this journey, but this day was definitely marked under a good time! To many more years with you my Love Pryer.



Recap of La Bulla 2016!

Los Angeles I love you! What a panchangon that went down this past Saturday April 30, 2016 at legendary La Bulla “A Lucha Libre Experience” presented by Antonio Pelayo Productions at Plaza de la Raza Lincoln Heights Califas. For all of you that were there and were part of the crowd yelling “La Bulla!” throughout the night with your Jimador tequila on hand, I salute you; great times are spent with “mas firme que wow” individuals. Y Que Viva Nuestra Raza! For those of you that missed out on this Chingon party,  let me take you for a cruise and show you how us Angelinos, Chicanos, Mexicanos and everybody that came out to celebrate our glorious Cultura and Cumbia mix with El Conjunto La Nueva Ola and Dj Slowpoke; this is how we got down.

First of all, much respect to Natily Gonzalez and Antonio Pelayo a big thank you for the extended invitation to partake in this Lucha Libre experience. As always you will find me supporting our Arts & Cultural community here in our city of Angels because the Raza that creates together, sticks together.

As a spectator, I patiently waited for this awesome event, watching them develop and organize for the final night was just building up energy for me and I could not wait to dance the night away accompanied by great friends. This year our stunning friend and model Yasmin Ferrada would host for the first time La Bulla with none other than Richard Montoya and I must say that their fond chemistry was fun to watch; you guys did a great job hosting this celebration; our girl is so beautiful que no, you too Richard. Richard Montoya is a very humble, funny and approachable talented individual and you all know there is a special place in my heart for famous people who are down to Earth and do not forget their roots and fans.

So the night began as soon as I picked up my hot date La Pesky Oner; picking her up in her nice dress and high heels in the NELA, bumping a dope mix CD of old school funky beats by Fes One. We got to the venue around 8pm and all the streets were full! We parked so far; well for any lady with high heels it is a mission to walk but anything for the sake of looking cute. As we approached the entrance we were welcomed by firme low-rider ranflas. You can say that security staff this time around was fiercely on point; when the flyer mentioned “No In and Outs; they meant it. First person we see is Antonio Pelayo looking sharp with his suit and as always with warm welcoming hugs and smiles. Immediately entering the venue was the red carpet spotlight, I ended up spending most of the night there which was pretty cool because I got to see first hand all our friends and artists coming in. Shout out to Nuke and his lovely wife, Pyro and his hot date, a lot of Graffiti heads showed up so it was nice to be around familiar faces, my family SKA Crew, Dras, Dole, Paybak and Phowl were there. Pyro representing the notorious West Coast Artists Crew, UTI Crew was there too. A wide variety of creative individuals made their presence known, our friend Edward from Cold Fire Art Co. dance the night away with us; thank you for the dance and good laughs. It was funny how it worked out to be a completely ladies night because all of our men were either working or doing other shows that same night. My vato Pryer was getting down at Battlegroundz in San Diego; so it was nice to know we were both being supportive and productive within our arts communities from LA to San Diego. For the most part, it was Anuh, Yasmin, Pesky, Lea, Kadoty and myself hanging out and enjoying the gallery and live performances; thank you ladies for such a great night. (Anuh, you still owe me some tacos.)

My first place to document was the gallery reception, which was curated by Manone from Crewest; this is a man who has been working in the Arts for over decades so it was nice to see someone like this at work. I still remember going to Crewest during Downtown LA Art Walks, crazy times but fun times. The layout of the art show allowed the public to begin from either entrance point because at every corner, the lighting and layout was filled with colors and great pieces of work which all worked together as installations. Taking in a Lucha Libre concept can be challenging but all the artists did an amazing job and I really enjoyed all the photography.

As the night progressed, the public had two different dance floor locations but the main “pari” always remained at the main stage which was also used for the Lucha Libre matches and Loretta Vampz Lucha Libre Fashion competition hosted by Ariana a young talented Fashion/ Costume designer. The night was filled with vivid colors everywhere you turned; a reflection on how colorful and enriched our Cultura is; such a nice sight to see throughout the night!. One of the special moments while the crowd all gathered to the sets DJ Slowpoke was when he started mixing one of my favorite songs of all times “cumbia sobre el rio” Sonidero! Sonidero!.

And then the time we were all waiting for finally came; el Conjunto La Nueva Ola’s live performance! Oh my, that the term “ Ya se Armo” defined this moment as the crowd went wild and put front their best Cumbia dance moves for the next two hours. And I mean everybody danced; including La Bulla staff, hosts and press staff; everybody was grooving to their intoxicating Cumbia mix beats. Being on stage and feeding off their energy is still a vivid melody in my mind. And if you must know, I am writing this entire experience with their music on the background; estos cabrones rocked the night.

But all great things do come to an end, and they rocked their final song; although we did not want them to. I must say that at the end of it all we were all united as a community. To hold such a large event filled with people of different backgrounds and different age groups with no drama, but the mere respect and admiration for the Arts, a Mexican Lucha Libre Sport and the genuine want to have a taste of good Cumbias; it was executed with tremendous success. I can speak for myself and my friends that we danced the night away until they made us leave! Walking out of Plaza de la Raza with high heels on hand, filled SD cards and smiling faces; this is Los Angeles baby! Lets give thanks to everybody that worked so hard to make this adventurous night happen! And to many more “La Bulla” events.

Please enjoy this gallery of the highlights of La Bulla!

Much Love & Respects,

Monica Smiles Tobon

Chicano Slang Translations: (for all you non-Spanish speakers)

Panchangon: Festivity, party.

Ranflas: Dope automobile

Mas Firme Que Wow: Really Cool

Pari: Party

Ya se Armo: Oh its on!

Firme: Cool

Estos Cabrones: These Fuckers