Swarm Art Exhibit Opening Reception

On October 19, 2013, I was able to hang out with an inspiring team of Women Artists from the SWARM ART EXHIBIT at ES Studios in Boyle Heights, California. The exhibit consisted of Petal and Blosm bringing their own perspective in regards to the environment and the threat to the bees within our cities as well as the pollution that is killing them worldwide. Petal and Blosm have founded a Save the Beez Campaign and this exhibit is their first step into a journey of establishing themselves as advocates for an important cause that will affect our entire existence on this planet if we do not take action now. The art pieces were thematically presented in different mediums depicting bees, but they also had a variety of works of Graffiti Art as well as resources for the public to learn how to contribute in creating a safer habitat for the bees. Among other artists Cale and Raul Gonzalez also shared their amazing art that night. Eyeris Balam from Balam Creations was also there selling her creations as well as helping to vend the t-shirts that are now available for the public from Petal and Save the Beez Campaign ‘Bee the Change”.

On this specific day I was actually accompanied by our Lil Frida and her Best friend Aaliyah. And although I was eager to check out the art and talk to the artists about this important topic; it was a great opportunity to expose my girls to an artistic and creative scene. Although before arriving to the venue I had assumed that the exhibit would not be children oriented as many art events are unfortunately like that but to our surprise and pleasure; the venue had a lot of children from various ages enjoying themselves. Petal managed to set up a space for the children to paint their own canvas of bees and the city landscape backgrounds. It was heart warming to see them all excited about using canvases, decos, markers and acrylics. I must say this was a great idea and I wish more curators would also include our children to also partake in events that can also benefit them. The children that finished their art pieces that night were able to hang them in the very same walls as Petal and Blosm and you know Frida was so excited to do so! A very awesome touch to finalize the night for the little ones.

As the night progressed, Blosm did some face painting as well as signing books for the younger generation that showed up. Petal was a great host for all the people who attended the show and she made sure everyone felt welcomed and right at home so I will take this moment to congratulate you ladies on creating an inviting and intimate atmosphere for all of us. We felt right at home, good vibes and great response from your followers and friends. We had Chaka, Duke and other crew members of the RTDK fam making their appearance and show their respect to the ladies running this show to its finest moment of creative minds coming together.

If you missed the opening reception for the SWARM ART EXHIBIT, you can still catch it by attending the Closing Reception which will take place in November 1, 2013 at ES Studios 768 Boyle Avenue, Boyle Heights, California starting at 7:00pm to 11:00pm.

Please do not miss the opportunity to be a part of this awesome exhibit and get involved in this movement of saving the Beez!

“Bee the Change”……..

Get involved and learn more about bees and share the knowledge with all your friends and family!



Much love & respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon



Sneak Peak

This weekend two amazing Artists Petal and Blosm, strong and creative ladies who are also founders of the SAVE THE BEEZ Campaign and on going project that consists of bringing awareness to the community in regards to the dangers our bees are suffering now and the rumors are true, the Bees are dying and this can affect our world dramatically. Please join Petal and Blosm this Saturday October 19, 2013 at the E S Studios in Boyle Heights, California and be a part of a great cause. I have always supported my fellow friends and colleges and if there is anything that you can learn from me is to support your local communities and artists! Take a night off and come join us for a very special night of art, music and community fellowship.

Much love and respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon


SATURDAY OCTOBER 19 from 3:00pm to 11:00pm.

ES STUDIOS 768 Boyle Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90023

Art Exhibit featuring new works by LA Graffiti Artists, Petal & Blosm. Established in the early 90′s, this dynamic duo has been beautifying the walls of Los Angeles for decades. evolving in hand styles, pieces, blockbusters, murals, and are most well-known for their signature Queen Bee (Blosm) a Renegade KillerBee (Petal) characters.

Petal and Blosm are currently working on a SAVE THE BEEZ campaign, beginning with the SWARM Exhibit this coming Saturday, to draw awareness to the current plight of the honeybee and pollinators worldwide.