Buckshot Gallery Presents: “From the Vault”

Buckshot Gallery is opening its vault of rare, sold out and private limited works from notorious artists such as Risky, Estevan Oriol and Axis. This is an exclusive event that you do not want to miss, as you will get the opportunity to admire some of the iconic works of these amazing artists.

This will all take place December 3, 2015 thru December 31, 2015. Buckshot Gallery is located at 3129 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica, California 90405.

You can find more information at this link below:


See you all there!

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon

from the vault


KGB Presents: Posadas Navideñas

posadas flyer

The season of joy and cheers is here and what best way to get into the Christmas spirit with our loved ones than to join along with our community and begin our beautiful traditions of las Posadas Navideñas. I am so happy to learn that KGB will be utilizing its space to bring happiness and a sense of family to our children of Los Angeles and cannot wait to see it come alive next month beginning December 17 through December 19, 2015. KGB is located at 1600 North Spring Street, Los Angeles, California 90012. Spread the word on these heart warming festivities and hope to see you all there to keep our traditions alive. Space is limited and tickets will sell out fast!

You can find tickets at the link below:


Here is all the important information you will need to know about each day’s schedule of events presented by KGB Studios:

A contemporary three-night version of Las Posadas, a festive Christmas tradition, to life in a heartwarming evening starting Thursday December 17, 2015 to Saturday December 19, 2015.

Enjoy THREE NIGHTS of celebration filled with: Live Entertainment, A Curated Art Exhibit, Delicious Mexican-inspired cuisine, and Cultural Extravaganza of arts and crafts vendors. Invite your friends and support all the local vendors. Come do your Christmas shopping with us.

Thursday December 17th, 7pm – 12pm
Family Night: Adults $5 at the door, kids in Free

Friday December 18th, 7pm – 1am
Gala Night/KGB Christmas Party: 21 and over only $5 at the door. Formal Attire Required

Saturday December 19th, 7pm-1am
Closing night: Activities all night Procession begins at 8:00pm. $5 at the door



Thursday December 17th, Family Night:

posadas december 17 2015Commemorate the Posadas by joining us on Thursday night December 17, 2015. Join Joseph and Mary on her burro as they make their way through DTLA looking for shelter. This beautiful candlelight procession will wind its’ way from the KGB Studios, down Springs Street and back to KGB. Everyone is invited to join in the procession, singing familiar Christmas carols and listening to the narration of this ancient story.

ANY child who wishes to participate as a character in the drama may do so as a shepherd, angel, or animal (or bring a stuffed animal). Doors open at 7:00pm for a candle and a song booklet. Dress warmly and wear comfortable walking shoes to enjoy this unique experience in a beautiful Downtown Los Angeles.

Thursday night is all ages children in Free adults $5 at the door.

Friday December 18th, Gala Night/KGB Christmas Party:

gala night at kgbThere are limited number of Gala tickets available for $5. All tickets include entrance to the event and one cocktail. This night will sell out, so we encourage to get your tickets early.
On Friday, December 18th, recognized guest from the art, film, fashion, and entertainment industries will unite to celebrate Las Posadas. This year’s event the gallery will feature a silent auction of artwork as well as artwork that will be open for purchase. Gala night is a collectors’ choice, it will be a signature black-tie event. The evening will prove to be glamorous and surprising! The night will display LA CANDELARIA, traditional blessing of elaborately dressed dolls.
A remarkable milestone befitting a celebration tradition! This historic event will toast the past, present, and future of the Hispanic culture and will raise critical funds to support the local artist. We’ll toast to a time honoring tradition celebrated by many in a festive curated gallery, enjoy a fabulous night, mix and mingle with art supporters, community leaders, and special guests, and share in the highlights of the our history and accomplishments.

Saturday December 19th, Closing Night:

Music, fine art, and beautiful crafts makes the closing night the place where Angelinos want to celebrate Las Posadas and shops in the giving season. The closing night events in one: an art exhibit and music festival with a vibrant community-driven vibe.
Visitors can explore an amazing array of handmade items from artists while enjoying live local music, the breaking of the Piñata, candle ceremony, and sips from our cash bar.
On exhibit will be everything from statement-making collectible pieces to modestly priced stocking stuffers. While Angelino artists predominate, there are a select few carefully chosen from around LA.
The stage showcases some of LA’s favorite musical talent, with live, intimate performances. Featured musicians range from new and emerging stars.

Tiny Giants- Freight Art Exhibit 2015 @ KGB Studios

This November 21, 2015 KGB Studios will open its doors and kick off the multi-city tour Tiny Giants-Freight Art Exhibit 2015 Tour and it will exhibit  hand painted HO scale trains by these infamous line up of Graffiti Artists from West Coast to East Coast.  With rail inspired works from Diox One along with live hip hop and special guests.

KGB is located at 1640 North Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA.  Doors will open at 12pm and there is a $3 Donation with a raffle ticked included!

See you all there

Monica Smiles Tobon



Recap of El Velorio

This past Saturday November 7, 2015 Exodus Events hosted their 5th Annual El Velorio Day of the Dead themed festivity. And the line up of performers, las Catrinas and art exhibit were out of this world in its creativity and originality. I must say it was one of the best Day of the Dead Art exhibit I had attended in 2015.
As the Dia de Los Muertos popularity has risen; its demand for art, body art and fashion inspired by our motherland’s tradition of honoring our loved ones in panteones every 1st. Of November; El Velorio has taken this tradition and has executed their own way of paying tribute to the dead by bringing together a large variety of artists with their own unique representation of our cultura and los muertos. Along with the beautiful fashion and body art of Las Catrinas, they had the most gorgeous ladies covered in festive vivid colors and faces painted like sugar skull reinas; I enjoyed so much the artistry in every Catrina that walked through the event all night.
As I arrived to the venue along side of my fine vato Pryer; our very first interest was the art exhibit curated by Antonio Pelayo but were driven to the center stage by the drums of the danzas and ceremony. And right next to the danza was Lalo Alcatraz and his altar! How exciting to stand right in front of the art of a legend for the Chicano community and an honor to have him as the host for the event throughout the night. Alysha del Valle from ABC News was also El Velorio’s host for the night and her stunning presence was also an exclusive sight to see. So proud to be a part of this Cultura!
Finally I made my way to the gallery space and my God I was blow away by the most beautiful and detailed art; every single piece was so special and it took me a few times to just take in all the art. Such a great job on the selection of every artist; if it were possible I would have stayed there the whole night. Aside to the gallery space, there were so many other things to do such as getting your face painted, admiring the beautiful altares and room of dolls which personally was a bit creepy since I have scary childhood scars of the walking dolls. We were also able to sit down and watch a silent film with a Chicano twist which was a bit bizarre to see a woman getting abused by a man. Other than that it was an interesting piece to watch.
It was an interesting crowd outside the screening room and came across Eriberto Oriol, artists from the show as well as DJ.Slowpoke. Always a treat to see familiar faces. But the best part of the night was to see so many people come together and enjoy a good time of cultura, live performances and beautiful ladies. And one of the highlights of the night was the Wardrobe Divas fashion show inspired by Dia de Los Muertos! I enjoyed shooting those photos and I think I have found a new passion for Fashion photography; so inspiring!

Please enjoy the photo gallery of this spectacular night of music, art and cultura.

Until next year! Thank you Exodus Events and Plaza de la Raza for bringing yet another majestic night for our city of Angels!

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon

Cold Fire Art Co. Presents Fundraiser @ Blipsy’s.

This November 14, 2015, Cold Fire Art Co. will host a fundraiser with the effort to support our Los Angeles Underground Arts Community. This fundraiser will be held at Blipsy’s which is located at 369 North Western Avenue, Los Angeles, California. 8pm. to 2am. This is a 21+ Event!

Stop by and support our community! There will be live DJ, live MC performances  and lots of arte and merchandise to purchase. See you all there.

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon


art fundraiser

Recap of So Rough, So Tuff Dia de Los Muertos

On November 1, 2015 Inland Empire’s On Tap Barshop set off their very first Dia de Los Muertos Arts & Cultural Event; So Rough, So Tuff! And for all of us that were part of this family affair can say that the love for their city was inspiring; so much talent and good atmosphere throughout the day.
It is always a pleasure to attend events and support local communities but this So Rough, So Tuff Dia de los Muertos Arts & Cultural festival was so much more than that an attempt to keep our cultura alive; it was a union of different artists, performers and subcultures with the same vision to help the city of Ontario begin their very own Arts District. I was more than honored to assist and make Love SKA, Richard Royal Jr. And the staff from On Tap Barbershop’s dreams a reality. As we represented our beautiful city of Angels; we brought the best artists, graffiti artists, vendors and performers to represent our support to this community. From Los Angeles to San Diego; we held it together on a hot sunny day for our new found family!
Before the event took place, the movement that was created behind So Rough, So Tuff was already making history itself; the hard work, sacrifices and new friendships that were built along the way speaks on the importance of growth within our subcultures and arts communities. Pryer and Aloy were chosen as representatives of the Los Angeles Graffiti Movement and they painted live throughout the festival. We also had many artists from all over the United States as part of their Art show that was also on view for purchase throughout the day. But one of the best highlights of the day was the most anticipated performance of the Los Angeles Poplockers and Original Poplockers which consisted of OG Jeckle, Playboy Eddie, Burst Rock, Tic Tac, Ace Rock, Cre8 and Lil Bina from Funnybones Crew.
As the festival got started, the heat was raising very rapidly, vendors were setting up while the DJ played some good old school music and rock n’ roll. I got to set up my booth right next to me music system so it was a perfect location to set up my community Altar which consisted of personal items and friends that have passed on. I turned it a public altar as I set up a space for everyone to write the names of their loved ones that have passed on too. It was a great way to connect with all the spectators as they shared stories of ther loved ones and hit their placaso next to others. There were lots of vendors there setting up with a reflection of cultura and Dia de los Muertos inspired art. Raul Ataye from R & A Culturas. Mario Moreno’s Nahua Olin’s booth came all the way from San Diego to vend his amazing merchandise and art. Thank you so much for supporting us from so far away!
As the day progressed, the local community began to arrive, there was so much to look at such as the art show which was held inside the OnTap Barbershop which was amazingly displayed; the entire space was filled with great art. As you walked out the art gallery you were welcomed by all the car clubs and bikers with their beautiful collection of cars; it was a nice sight to see. The public was able to walk around get their face painted by Blosm, eat delicious pupusas from El Salvador and get to mingle with all the vendors such as the Junkies, Lupita from Fuck Cancer and Tic Tac’s lovely family but most importantly to get to watch the live Graffiti Art by Pryer and Aloy.
There were all good vibes at this festival and family was very important for all us as we kept the kids safety and fun as our priority. Our kids got to play all day with the sugar skulls faces playing soccer, running around and painting at my booth. It was funny to see how my booth became a mini center for all the kids; it was the cool hangout spot!
So the time finally came, as the Inland Empire s very own Graffiti Artists Dowts, Kesoe, Kalm and Pres began to put together the anticipated unveiling of the City of Ontario’s mural. That moment the mural was revealed to the public, it stamped the reason why we were all there; to support the talent and dedication from these artists to their community. The mural became the center stage for all announcements and performances; the Envy Co. Hip Hop dancers performed there as well as the Los Angeles Original Poplockers! That was such a historical moment to see all these OG’s reunited and doing what they do best with the beats of Zapp and Roger’s So Rough, So Tuff! Brilliant way to dedicated that shinning moment to the event’s title theme. It was such a sight to see, poplocking behind a vivid mural while Pryer and Aloy painted live and as the public went wild just taking in all this movements all at once! As the sun went down and the heat cooled off, the barber battles began to take place inside the OnTap Barbershop; this art form is new to me but the public was so excited and really taught me about a new different creative world. Thank you Love for showing us what you on a daily basis. So much respect for what your teams does.

All of these different elements connected under one thematic night; and I was really proud to bring Los Angeles to this city and show them how its done but most importantly that their new journey on creating an Arts district is going to be So Rough and Tuff but with hard work and dedication; anything is possible.
I cannot wait to see this community grow as time passes, I am sure they will make us all proud and looking forward to many more community engaging events that promote artists union and family affairs. Thank you for making us feel right at home.


Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon