Recap of El Velorio

This past Saturday November 7, 2015 Exodus Events hosted their 5th Annual El Velorio Day of the Dead themed festivity. And the line up of performers, las Catrinas and art exhibit were out of this world in its creativity and originality. I must say it was one of the best Day of the Dead Art exhibit I had attended in 2015.
As the Dia de Los Muertos popularity has risen; its demand for art, body art and fashion inspired by our motherland’s tradition of honoring our loved ones in panteones every 1st. Of November; El Velorio has taken this tradition and has executed their own way of paying tribute to the dead by bringing together a large variety of artists with their own unique representation of our cultura and los muertos. Along with the beautiful fashion and body art of Las Catrinas, they had the most gorgeous ladies covered in festive vivid colors and faces painted like sugar skull reinas; I enjoyed so much the artistry in every Catrina that walked through the event all night.
As I arrived to the venue along side of my fine vato Pryer; our very first interest was the art exhibit curated by Antonio Pelayo but were driven to the center stage by the drums of the danzas and ceremony. And right next to the danza was Lalo Alcatraz and his altar! How exciting to stand right in front of the art of a legend for the Chicano community and an honor to have him as the host for the event throughout the night. Alysha del Valle from ABC News was also El Velorio’s host for the night and her stunning presence was also an exclusive sight to see. So proud to be a part of this Cultura!
Finally I made my way to the gallery space and my God I was blow away by the most beautiful and detailed art; every single piece was so special and it took me a few times to just take in all the art. Such a great job on the selection of every artist; if it were possible I would have stayed there the whole night. Aside to the gallery space, there were so many other things to do such as getting your face painted, admiring the beautiful altares and room of dolls which personally was a bit creepy since I have scary childhood scars of the walking dolls. We were also able to sit down and watch a silent film with a Chicano twist which was a bit bizarre to see a woman getting abused by a man. Other than that it was an interesting piece to watch.
It was an interesting crowd outside the screening room and came across Eriberto Oriol, artists from the show as well as DJ.Slowpoke. Always a treat to see familiar faces. But the best part of the night was to see so many people come together and enjoy a good time of cultura, live performances and beautiful ladies. And one of the highlights of the night was the Wardrobe Divas fashion show inspired by Dia de Los Muertos! I enjoyed shooting those photos and I think I have found a new passion for Fashion photography; so inspiring!

Please enjoy the photo gallery of this spectacular night of music, art and cultura.

Until next year! Thank you Exodus Events and Plaza de la Raza for bringing yet another majestic night for our city of Angels!

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon

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