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Los Angeles Where You At! So excited for this upcoming art show at OG L.A Art Show tonight January 10, 2018. Cartwheel Art is yet to present another exhibit at Booth #7030. Please make sure you come out and support our Los Angeles Based Legendary Artists.

For more Information on these artists and Cartwheel Art, check out the link below:


Much Love & Respect

Monica Smiles Tobon


Synthesis// The Collaborative Artworks of Cache x Aiseborn

On December 9, 2017 Tonalli Studio is presenting a unique evening of two extraordinary Los Angeles based Artists Aiseborn and Cache. You might have seen their art either in the streets or galleries as both artists have their signature style of art making. Tonalli Studio is located at 4539 East Cesar E. Chavez Avenue, East Los Angeles, California 90022. This is a Free Event- All Ages Welcome- Opening Reception is 6:00pm-10:00pm.

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon

Official Press Release:

“Two Well-Known LA Graffiti Artisits Collaborate In An Unexpected Synthesis”

CACHE and AISEborn (ArtIsSelfExpression) have painted murals all over the city. Although the two differ more than stylistically, their collaboration reveals a commonality that goes beyond the human barriers and into the realms of spirit.

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, December 9, 2017 6pm – 10pm

The artists known as Cache and AiseBorn will show a series of collaborative works in a show aptly titled, Synthesis. Cache’s playful and colorful chicken murals can be spotted on nearly every street corner around the city, while AiseBorn’s massive and impressive mandalas reside in the streets as well as museums.

At first glance, no one would guess two artists would find a common ground artistically. Cache’s cartoon-like characters come in bright, geometric, playful forms, while AiseBorn works with intricate brush strokes and realistic imagery. It was an unexpected yet organically natural union when these two found themselves sharing a mural space after an introduction by their mutual friend, another well-known graffiti artist, Atlas.
“When we come together, we influence each other in unexpected ways. AiseBorn’s work pushes me to flex my other styles; playing with futuristic linear forms and light and shadows.”, says Cache

The show will take place at TONALLI STUDIO in East Los Angeles or “Old Town Maravilla”, a gallery space owned and operated by long time residents and artists, Ofelia Esparza and her daughter Rosanna Esparza Ahrens. Cache and AiseBorn were drawn to the space because of its focus on wellness and community. For the first time, the two artist collaborative works will come together in a new formation on gallery walls. Synthesis will be on exhibit until January 6, 2018.

Antonio Pelayo presents El Velorio 2017

Que Ondas Los Angeles! So excited to announce another mas firme que wow event in our City of Angeles brought to you by my camarada Antonio Pelayo. El Velorio will take place on November 4, 2017, 7:00pm to 1:30pm located st legendary Plaza de la Raza 3540 North Mission Road, Los Angeles, Califas 90031. Remember this is a 21+ event so portends bien!

Antonio Pelayo presents
Hosted by Alysha Del Valle


DJ ChrisRox
DJ Orlando

Art Exhibit curated by Antonio Pelayo
Live art by Isaac Pelayo

Sponsored by
El Jimador

For more information and to purchase tickets, click on the link below:




Recap of El Velorio 2016!

Q’vole my beautiful Raza of Los Angeles! If you were at Antonio Pelayo’s Productions “El Velorio 2016” at Plaza de La Raza located at 3540 North Mission Rd. Los Angeles, Califas this past Saturday, November 5, 2016, then you are well aware of the tremendous festivity that went down that night. For those of you that missed out on the hottest event in Los Angeles, follow closely to the reventon I am about to show you; should have been there Fam!

This extravagant Day of the Dead inspired fiesta was hosted by stunning Melissa Santos with headline bands such as Metalachi, Mariachi Manchester, DJ Gazoo and Casa de Calacas, Ev Dub, El Carro Fantasma, and many others. It is inspiring to see so many talented individuals as well as the supporting public join together to celebrate our beautiful cultura de Dia de Los Muertos. A big shout out to Antonio Pelayo and Natily Gonzalez, the amazing duo behind every successful event in the past few years; thank you for always welcoming me.

I was actually at El Velorio last year and I must say that this year was the best El Velorio turnout, the energy was immense. Beautiful Catrinas y Catrinos everywhere I turned, really awesome to see how the public went all the way out to dress the part and celebrate the lives of our Loved ones con Mariachi, tequila y baile. This is exactly how this night is supposed to be celebrated; you know how we do it, puro pari! The night started late for me as I had to look around for a pinche parking space, no joke when they say to Uber or Lyft it #estacabron. But I walked in to El Velorio at its strongest force and although it was a bit late, the lines were still forming outside. This night was packed, to walk from one part of the venue to the other was an adventure itself, never a dull moment though with hot ladies and handsome caballeros dressed in full attire for the occasion.

First stop, find Natily to get this party started, as I had just came from another show she helped with Sur le Mur, this woman works hard. Finally made my way to the main stage and hang out with Natily and Melissa Santos, really down to earth lady (thanks for dancing with me) as always, the ultimate experience is backstage with all the performers and artists, as the energy and excitement to be there pretty much vibe off on all of us while they performed. I think the funniest part of the night was not realizing that my Press Pass fell off and so there I was walking thru the event randomly asking people if I can photograph them without being aware that my Press Pass had fallen off hours ago! OMG what were these people thinking? This chola asking to take photos of us, oh well why not!. A big thank you for still letting me do my thing!

After a few tequila shots, I finally worked my way thru the entire venue to snap shots of our gente, arte and vendors. I really enjoyed the Art exhibit, as the grand entrance was welcomed by the breathtaking masterpiece of Johnny Quintana. Great art work display as always could not be any more Brown and Proud of my fellow artists! On the other side of the gallery space was the dance floor hosted by my Chingona Friend Calipso and DJ Sloepoke, pretty dope to be welcomed by my new fond family from Cholos Try, got to boogie on the dance floor to some cumbias with the homey Scar and la Chulada de Mujer Irene Soto. Big ups to Big Tokes and Carlos. I always enjoy hanging out with you all at these events. Make me feel right at home chilling with the homeys; they are the real deal, no fronting. As the night progressed, ended up getting into a desmadre with Scar up on the main stage while Metalachi performed, the crowd was hyped to see him on stage, dancing and drinking and clowning with everybody was the highlight of my time at El Velorio. You all know how I feel about humble, down to Earth celebrities!

The best surprise of the night was to see my Mala Influencia Size OTR and my lady (well, his girlfriend) Blanca! Love you both to the moon and back. The night ended with some bomb tacos from Chicas Catering and I don’t say this much but their tacos al pastor were the best I have ever eaten, I really do not have anything else to argue on that. Thank you for feeding me at the end of a long night. You ladies rock!

Big shout out to all my peepz I got to hang out with tonight, Size OTR and Blanca, Roten SKA, Anuh, Payback, Jackie Boy and his beautiful wife, DJ Sloepoke, Calipso, Pauline, Mike Flores, DJ Gargamel, Isaac Pelayo and Dakota, Yasmin Ferrada, the one that holds my heart Elvira Zamora, CEO of Wardrobe Divas, Estela Hydes, Jose Joker, Jaime and Priscilla. And of course Antonio Pelayo and Natily Gonzalez.

It is always important to always remember where you come from and the people who have blessed you with so many opportunities, and that is the mutual respect that these artists, performers and Antonio express to the public. With that being said, Antonio, (and I speak for the community) Thank you for allowing us to have our own events and our very own art exhibits in our beautiful city of Angels. Please continue to represent our Cultura and Firme Style.

Please check out my Recap Gallery of El Velorio 2016!

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon


SYSTEMS – Jason Revok

Systems is an exhibition of new works by Jason Revok on October 22, 2016. At the Library Street Collective located at 5428 West Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. Artist Opening Reception October 22, 2016 7:00pm-9:00pm.

Systems- Jason Revok Flyer

Fawksie 1- Concrete Rose- NELA

I’m just a Concrete Rose—Dope Song by NELA’s Finest Fawksie One- Love You Sister Por Vida




I remember we all got together to raise money for our friend Novel, and Trigz helped out so much, didnt’ give a shit about the drama, he was just down, brought a big ass bag filled with arte and merchandise & random items hahaha. But he was so worried about Novel’s kids and it breaks my heart that shortly after he was taken away too; life is too short for nonsense. If anybody has the group picture we all took, please send it to me.


Coming Soon “All In” Group Photography Show”

On August 27, 2016, Cold Fire Art Co. & Bob Flowers presents “ALL IN” Group Photography Show with Shooters from the East Coast to West Coast. Located at 5702 E. Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, Califas, 90022. This is an All Ages event and it will run from 8:00pm-12:00am. Brought to you by the same team team that brought us the famous Record Cover Art Show Tour! So you know this is a show you do not want to miss.

As we know photographers are not only artists but they are the ones that walk the streets, and capture the true essence of what is really happening out there. There is no set up on the beauty they capture and the line up of photographers will us just that.

Stay tune for more details, as this event develops to its final product; please follow them on Instagram to keep posted with the line up of photographers.


See you all there!

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon 



Recap of El Velorio

This past Saturday November 7, 2015 Exodus Events hosted their 5th Annual El Velorio Day of the Dead themed festivity. And the line up of performers, las Catrinas and art exhibit were out of this world in its creativity and originality. I must say it was one of the best Day of the Dead Art exhibit I had attended in 2015.
As the Dia de Los Muertos popularity has risen; its demand for art, body art and fashion inspired by our motherland’s tradition of honoring our loved ones in panteones every 1st. Of November; El Velorio has taken this tradition and has executed their own way of paying tribute to the dead by bringing together a large variety of artists with their own unique representation of our cultura and los muertos. Along with the beautiful fashion and body art of Las Catrinas, they had the most gorgeous ladies covered in festive vivid colors and faces painted like sugar skull reinas; I enjoyed so much the artistry in every Catrina that walked through the event all night.
As I arrived to the venue along side of my fine vato Pryer; our very first interest was the art exhibit curated by Antonio Pelayo but were driven to the center stage by the drums of the danzas and ceremony. And right next to the danza was Lalo Alcatraz and his altar! How exciting to stand right in front of the art of a legend for the Chicano community and an honor to have him as the host for the event throughout the night. Alysha del Valle from ABC News was also El Velorio’s host for the night and her stunning presence was also an exclusive sight to see. So proud to be a part of this Cultura!
Finally I made my way to the gallery space and my God I was blow away by the most beautiful and detailed art; every single piece was so special and it took me a few times to just take in all the art. Such a great job on the selection of every artist; if it were possible I would have stayed there the whole night. Aside to the gallery space, there were so many other things to do such as getting your face painted, admiring the beautiful altares and room of dolls which personally was a bit creepy since I have scary childhood scars of the walking dolls. We were also able to sit down and watch a silent film with a Chicano twist which was a bit bizarre to see a woman getting abused by a man. Other than that it was an interesting piece to watch.
It was an interesting crowd outside the screening room and came across Eriberto Oriol, artists from the show as well as DJ.Slowpoke. Always a treat to see familiar faces. But the best part of the night was to see so many people come together and enjoy a good time of cultura, live performances and beautiful ladies. And one of the highlights of the night was the Wardrobe Divas fashion show inspired by Dia de Los Muertos! I enjoyed shooting those photos and I think I have found a new passion for Fashion photography; so inspiring!

Please enjoy the photo gallery of this spectacular night of music, art and cultura.

Until next year! Thank you Exodus Events and Plaza de la Raza for bringing yet another majestic night for our city of Angels!

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon

Recap of TATU-aje @ Plaza de la Raza!

TATU-aje was the multicultural tattoo event of the year; mas Chingon! This past Saturday September 12, 2015, Exodus Events and Plaza de la Raza joined forces and executed the perfect way to celebrate the passion and dedication to beautifying our bodies with ink. This was the first time I have attended an event like this; where a mixture of different cultures, tastes in music and art styles stood strong and proud along side instead of overlapping each other. The respect among the artists, tattoo artists and performers was mutual and I must say this was one of the main reasons this event was such a success. And of course we were all there because we all have one thing in common; the love for tattoos! The A-list of performers and celebrities such as Danny Trejo and Tatu along with their host Mike Flores; made it a memorable night for the fans to remember. No one does it better than The West Coast. The event attracted over 4,000 people and raised $9,000 towards funding Plaza de la Raza so we can all say that it was a successful night for Lincoln Heights.

As we walked to Plaza de la Raza on a hot summer night with my love Pryer One, we were welcomed to the venue with a few choppers and low riders. It almost felt as if we were walking up to these vatos getting ready for a cruise night thru our beautiful city of Los Angeles. I must say that although we arrived early, the venue was completely in full force and packed. The red carpet with its photo shoot backdrop of sponsors gave it the perfect touch of exclusiveness as the guests arrived. Most of the night I kept going back to the entrance of the venue; as many more celebrities, artists and beautiful fans took pictures. I did not want to miss a familiar face to capture for my followers to see. And as always, my first stop was straight to the gallery which was curate by legendary Freddy Negrete. And there it was, our brother Trigz at the entrance of the art gallery show welcoming us and reminded us that he is also here with us as he had been years before with his crew members and tattoo partners. This amazing Trigz portrait by our young and talented artist Isaac Pelayo, he is and a such a humble artist and you all know how much I love and respect humble individuals. I truly enjoyed the gallery layout, and one thing we can all agree on is that the frames used for every piece of work were elegant and made the entire show appear mysterious and tasteful for the eyes. One of my favorite piece was of our brother Big Flaks SKA Mob, it is an iconic picture that can be seen as the ultimate form of respect to this talented tattoo artist and graffiti writer; Pryer must have felt like a proud Papa that night. Not only Big Flaks, but Phowl and Big Gus are also part of his crew so it was a special moment for us to view all art. Firme way to begin our evening, being welcomed by Trigz and seeing the works of our friends made us feel right at home along with every tattoo lover.

As the night progressed and as we realized we were outnumbered by bikers, pin-up beauties and rockabilly’s more Graffiti writers began to arrive, our friend Saul Mora and his beautiful lady Kim, Jackie Boy, Huero, Young Chavo, Tyson and many of the SKA crew members made their presence known as well as the Seventh Letter fellas. Always good times with my family! Shout out to Mona Lisa too! Haven’t seen you in a minute girl. Also, got to hang out again with Susie Cue, we all know her for her skills in body art as well as canvas work. You did a great job that night; it came out really nice. I also got to hang out with dear friend Eriberto Oriol, I always enjoy his conversation because he is always open to teach you and share great experiences with me. I learned about not being intimidated on the equipment of a camera but to have the eye for it. It is meaningless to walk around snapping pictures if you cannot capture the emotions of the people; thank you Eriberto for the great advice. It was a bit interesting for me to walk around with a professional camera because as opposed to feeling as a writer; I felt the pressure of a photographer. Which we all know I am not and it was interesting as how intimidated I felt as I saw other photographers doing their magic. But hey, at the end of the day, I was able to know I was among the best, Pocho photography, Eriberto Oriol and among other great photographers; please do not judge my amateur pictures of you guys!.

But one of the best spots to hang out at was the stage, the live performances were so awesome, the crowd went wild all night long. Another great touch was the all female tattoo competition that was going on throughout the event, I think that was a smart way to balance out the male dominant presence of artists and performer as I did not se too many female artists as part of the gallery show. Hopefully next year we have more ladies participating, step it up ladies, the opportunities are there.

The presence of the Wardrobe divas were also there and they are such energetic and approachable ladies to talk to; you are all so beautiful and love how you are turning our subculture and style into high fashion. And that is something important for us all to learn about this night, yes it was a festivity of tattoos and art but it is deeper than that because if you step back and see that this movement was not always accepted. These styles of fashion were not presentable to society, especially being covered in tattoos; one can easily get discriminated against. One can be easily be judged by appearances without even having the opportunity to show who we are as humans and I think this was the perfect way to show how much this subculture has grown, the acceptance and respect given to these tattooed creative individuals is a step closer to lose judgment on others. I must say that overall this TATU-aje event kicked ass, the art, the music, the celebrities and the ambient will be talked about and remembered forever!

Thank you Antonio Pelayo and Natily Gonzalez for allowing me to document yet another proud moment of being Chingones Chicanos. I Love our Cultura. And a big shout out to everyone that hung out with me and showed me love, Lea Monique it was a treat to see you again! Please enjoy the gallery of photos from this firme night in Lincoln Heights!

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon