Mi Vida On Chicano Soul @ NELA Art Walk!

What best way to start the New Year 2015 but to be on the right state of mind-representing and respecting our Chicano/a Culture here in the beautiful city of Angels with an exquisite and soulful photography exhibit of our Brown and Proud Chicano/a Cultura.

I always show my love and 100% support to the Primas and ladies at Mi Vida. So please come and show your love and support too for this upcoming NELA Art Walk at Mi Vida Boutique which is located at 5159 York Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90042. The exhibit will begin at 7:00pm thru 11:00pm. Make sure you come dress to impress and show your most firme style.

Much Love & Respect

Monica Smiles Tobon

Mi Vida


La Vida Tattoo Reopening Candle Show Recap

On December 6, 2014 at La Vida Tattoo Shop which is located at 6342 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 91606 celebrated along with friends and loved ones the life of our dear friend Trigz along with his beautiful, most loving and loyal woman I have ever met Honey, Mrs. Trigz.  As we are all still dealing with the sad reality of loosing a great friend, father and important key player in both the Graffiti and Tattoo cultures, Mr. Trigz is dearly missed and loved by so many friends and fans of his work. La Vida Tattoo was able to put together a heart warming Candle Show in which the public was able to partake in to commemorate Trigz.

I must say it was a bitter-sweet feeling to be a part of this show, as I was very proud and amazed of the great work so many of my close friends did for Mr. Trigz such as Pryer, Aloy, Wendy Random Chavez, Glare, Fate, Norm and so many others such as Chris Brown, close friends and crew members. It was a special moment to see everybody’s unique way to pay their respect to this show. I must admit that throughout the entire show there was such a serene, enjoyable and positive energy all around. You can say that Trigz was there with us proud and happy to see everybody come together for him.

Please enjoy this humble photo gallery and show your support and love to his family and his shops!. TRIGZ FOREVER.


FRIDAMANIA @ Museum of Latin American Art-

Fridamania at the Museum of Latin American Art in the city of Long Beach was such a fun day for all of us!  MOLAA celebrated their annual Women’s Day Festival by displaying art, music and an entire movement of Mujeres Artists exhibiting their best works of art to the public. And what best way to commemorate and bring together all these amazing women than by displaying an exquisite and personal Frida Kahlo exhibition on photos, rare items and never before seen. As you can imagine my lil Frida and myself were super excited about this day and came along with friends that are also Frida Kahlo lovers and spent the day admiring and partaking in all the activities and entertainment the Museum of Latin American Art had to offer us on that day. The wait was long, so many people from all over the country shared the same love and appreciation for our favorite Mexican Modernist. And although it was a bit disappointing that we were not allowed to take any photos of the exhibit, it will be forever engraved in our minds and memories this intimate collection of photos which draws us closer to the life of Frida Kahlo.

La Vida Tattoo Grand Opening Art Show!

This Saturday come by to La Vida Tattoo Candle Show and show your support.

As many of us know how hard our friend Trigz worked for the success of LA VIDA Tattoo Shop and we must all do as we can to keep his legacy, hard work and dedication for tattoos, graffiti and support to his family ALWAYS!

& Art Show, Saturday December 6th
Showcasing candles done by artists from all over.

6342 Laurel Canyon North Hollywood California

Like always I will be there to show my support and document another great part of History for our West Coast Graffiti Movement.

Much Love & Respect

Monica Smiles Tobon