Tempt One- Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop @ Maintain Shop!

Next Saturday, December 3, 2016 Maintain Skate Shop located at 2643 North Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, Califas, 90063 will be hosting “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” fundraiser for Los Angeles Original Hand Style Writer Tempt One, K2S, STN, 213, LOD. This dope event is from 2pm to 7pm. Free Event & All Ages.

Come join us and check out some Skate Decks with amazing arte by Los Angeles Graffiti  heavy hitters and Fine Artists such as Angst, Duke, Key, Defer, Style, Slick, BIG Sleeps, Heaven, Vox, Dva, Gas, Petal, Plek, Wizrock, Sonji, Cache, Cre8, and more to be announced!

You will have the opportunity to own limited edition merchandise designed by OG Slick and Tempt One collaboration of Hoodies and Tshirts. 
We will have live music, dj, and food vendors. Come and join us for a good cause, show your love and support to our brother TEMPT ONE.

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon 


Recap of El Velorio 2016!

Q’vole my beautiful Raza of Los Angeles! If you were at Antonio Pelayo’s Productions “El Velorio 2016” at Plaza de La Raza located at 3540 North Mission Rd. Los Angeles, Califas this past Saturday, November 5, 2016, then you are well aware of the tremendous festivity that went down that night. For those of you that missed out on the hottest event in Los Angeles, follow closely to the reventon I am about to show you; should have been there Fam!

This extravagant Day of the Dead inspired fiesta was hosted by stunning Melissa Santos with headline bands such as Metalachi, Mariachi Manchester, DJ Gazoo and Casa de Calacas, Ev Dub, El Carro Fantasma, and many others. It is inspiring to see so many talented individuals as well as the supporting public join together to celebrate our beautiful cultura de Dia de Los Muertos. A big shout out to Antonio Pelayo and Natily Gonzalez, the amazing duo behind every successful event in the past few years; thank you for always welcoming me.

I was actually at El Velorio last year and I must say that this year was the best El Velorio turnout, the energy was immense. Beautiful Catrinas y Catrinos everywhere I turned, really awesome to see how the public went all the way out to dress the part and celebrate the lives of our Loved ones con Mariachi, tequila y baile. This is exactly how this night is supposed to be celebrated; you know how we do it, puro pari! The night started late for me as I had to look around for a pinche parking space, no joke when they say to Uber or Lyft it #estacabron. But I walked in to El Velorio at its strongest force and although it was a bit late, the lines were still forming outside. This night was packed, to walk from one part of the venue to the other was an adventure itself, never a dull moment though with hot ladies and handsome caballeros dressed in full attire for the occasion.

First stop, find Natily to get this party started, as I had just came from another show she helped with Sur le Mur, this woman works hard. Finally made my way to the main stage and hang out with Natily and Melissa Santos, really down to earth lady (thanks for dancing with me) as always, the ultimate experience is backstage with all the performers and artists, as the energy and excitement to be there pretty much vibe off on all of us while they performed. I think the funniest part of the night was not realizing that my Press Pass fell off and so there I was walking thru the event randomly asking people if I can photograph them without being aware that my Press Pass had fallen off hours ago! OMG what were these people thinking? This chola asking to take photos of us, oh well why not!. A big thank you for still letting me do my thing!

After a few tequila shots, I finally worked my way thru the entire venue to snap shots of our gente, arte and vendors. I really enjoyed the Art exhibit, as the grand entrance was welcomed by the breathtaking masterpiece of Johnny Quintana. Great art work display as always could not be any more Brown and Proud of my fellow artists! On the other side of the gallery space was the dance floor hosted by my Chingona Friend Calipso and DJ Sloepoke, pretty dope to be welcomed by my new fond family from Cholos Try, got to boogie on the dance floor to some cumbias with the homey Scar and la Chulada de Mujer Irene Soto. Big ups to Big Tokes and Carlos. I always enjoy hanging out with you all at these events. Make me feel right at home chilling with the homeys; they are the real deal, no fronting. As the night progressed, ended up getting into a desmadre with Scar up on the main stage while Metalachi performed, the crowd was hyped to see him on stage, dancing and drinking and clowning with everybody was the highlight of my time at El Velorio. You all know how I feel about humble, down to Earth celebrities!

The best surprise of the night was to see my Mala Influencia Size OTR and my lady (well, his girlfriend) Blanca! Love you both to the moon and back. The night ended with some bomb tacos from Chicas Catering and I don’t say this much but their tacos al pastor were the best I have ever eaten, I really do not have anything else to argue on that. Thank you for feeding me at the end of a long night. You ladies rock!

Big shout out to all my peepz I got to hang out with tonight, Size OTR and Blanca, Roten SKA, Anuh, Payback, Jackie Boy and his beautiful wife, DJ Sloepoke, Calipso, Pauline, Mike Flores, DJ Gargamel, Isaac Pelayo and Dakota, Yasmin Ferrada, the one that holds my heart Elvira Zamora, CEO of Wardrobe Divas, Estela Hydes, Jose Joker, Jaime and Priscilla. And of course Antonio Pelayo and Natily Gonzalez.

It is always important to always remember where you come from and the people who have blessed you with so many opportunities, and that is the mutual respect that these artists, performers and Antonio express to the public. With that being said, Antonio, (and I speak for the community) Thank you for allowing us to have our own events and our very own art exhibits in our beautiful city of Angels. Please continue to represent our Cultura and Firme Style.

Please check out my Recap Gallery of El Velorio 2016!

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon


Win 2 cans of your favorite colors + more! #InstagramGiveaway — Plutonium™ Paint

Head on over to our Instagram to enter our Giveaway! Win 2 cans of your favorite colors – prize also includes 1 assorted Pro-Cap kit & sticker pack. Ends November 10th, 2016. #InstagramGiveaway Click here for entry & rules: http://bit.ly/2fjefxN https://www.instagram.com/plutoniumpaint

via Win 2 cans of your favorite colors + more! #InstagramGiveaway — Plutonium™ Paint

Sur Le Mur Presents the Premiere Opening of Per Bernal’s Fine Art Photography Studio


Sur le Mur présents the premiere opening of Per Bernal’s Fine Art Photography Studio in Los Angeles. Join us this Saturday, November 5, 2016, 7:00pm-11:pm. Opening Reception with Artists located at 4935 McConnell Avenue, Studio #2, Los Angeles, CA. 90066.

On Sunday, November 6, 2016, 2:pm – 6:00pm. Sur le Mur presents

‘Power of the Human Spirit’ benefitting Artists For Trauma.

Per Bernal is a world class photographer praised for his talents in capturing the strength and excellence of the human body, thus has garnered the nickname; “The Annie Leibovitz of the Fitness World”

Oh Shoot!

An eclectic evening featuring photography, graffiti, street, and fine art.

New works by Per Bernal and RISK. Dolph Lundgren will be unveiling his portrait, an incredible collaboration by Per and Risk.

Get your vote on! Come view some politically correct art, in time for the election, including the miniature “Trump Wall” by Plastic Jesus as featured on CNN and BBC, and famous portraits by the late Pop Artist, Steve Kaufman.

View photography and artworks by Per Bernal and his renowned peers;

Kelly Risk Graval

Alexandra Grant

Lincoln Townley

Billy Morrison

Plastic Jesus

Prince Lorenzo de Medici

Steve Kaufman

Geoff Melville

Glenn David


Black Brain

For more Information please contact:


Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon


I have Joined the team @ Over the Edge Books!

oteSo excited to be working along with an awesome team at Over the Edge Books Publishing! I will be covering some of the hottest events in all Art Genres as well as exclusive interviews and anything dope going on in our beautiful city of Angels.

Check out their website and other cool categories in Music, purchase the latest Books in Hip Hop, etc.,

Thank you Paul Stewart for this great opportunity!

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon

not your momma’s book company