“So Rough, So Tuff” Dia de Los Muertos

“So Rough, So Tuff” Dia de Los Muertos Arts & Cultural Festival will be located at 1520 North Mountain Avenue. Ontario, California 91762 from 11am to 8pm. This will be a Free Family event presented by Richard Roybal Jr. and the On Tap Barbershop Team; hosted by the Lovely Delina Barrasa Hong. This event will help establish the City of Ontario’s very own Arts District and it will be an exciting beginning for their arts community! Therefore this event is meaningful for all us in the Los Angeles area as we join force for the first time with Inland Empire to support them build and reshape their city’s pride in the Arts.

The Unveiling of City of Ontario’s Mural will be at 2:00pm. Along with the presence of the Inland Empire’s renown Graffiti Artists Dowts, Kalm, Kesoe and Pres; which will be the highlight of the event as well as welcoming Pryer and Aloy; Los Angeles supporting artists.

So Rough, So Tuff will host a Barber Battle and the notorious judges are non other than Chey_labarbertate95@2%barbershop, Suave The Celebrity Barber @Gentlemen’s Barber Shop and Lomas_TheBarber. A Classic car show with car clubs such as Classic, Gangs to Grace, Good Times, Maniacos, Nokturnals, Real Classic, Rumble Cats, Simple Riders, Spirit, Underated, Viejitos and many more.

Here is the Official Schedule for the So Rough, So Tuff Dia de los Muertos Arts & Cultural Festival:

11:00am- So Rough So Tuff opens its doors!

2:00pm- The Unveiling of Inland Empire’s Mural

3:00pm- Los Angeles Originals/L.A. Poplockers dance performance/Hip Hop Envy Dance Co.

4:00pm- 7:00pm- Barber Battle-

Tommy vs. Edawrd

Kyle vs. Joey

Rolando vs. Hector

John vs. Alex

7:00pm- Freestyle Cypher

8:00pm- Winning Announcements

Throughout the entire event, an art show will be on view for the public, as well as kid’s activities, face painting, vendors and other cool stuff for the entire family!

dia de los muertos 1final flyer

We are bringing a historical moment in our West Coast California with the union of Los Angeles Originals and L.A Poplockers all under one roof! Ace Rock, Burstrock, Cre8, OG Jeckle, Nasty, Playboy Eddie and Tic Toc are the legendary ground breakers from this pop-locking movement which was born on the West Coast. Therefore their presence is such an important moment for all us in both the Hip Hop and Graffiti Movement. Check out some of the video clips from these talented guys!

We will have delicious food trucks, vendors and artsy merchandise for the public to purchase so please do not miss out on this important event that will mark history for the City of Ontario.

See you all there and as always I will be documenting this awesome family affair so do not be shy and say hello!

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon


Eating with the Wolves Presents: Straight Outta Artistry

On October 29, 2015 Eating with the Wolves presents “STRAIGHT OUTTA ARTISTRY” a night filled with an exquisite six course meal menu and pop up art show. Located at NOHO’s very own Tea Pot 5050 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood, CA. 91601. Doors will open at 8:00pm-11:00pm.

There is still time to purchase tickets at the link below:


See you all this very exclusive evening; a private never before scene art collection by Pryer, Roots,Bonejones, Aloy, Natasha Brockman, Leak, Sector, Koder and Keys.



Eating with the wolves is a sensual dinning experience, introducing your palate to fusion flavors, and comfort cuisine. We Wolves are chefs passionate and trained in our craft, full of creativity and the desire to introduce ourselves to the world through taste. Open your mouth and experience tongue tantalizing, sensory overload brought to you by the wolves.

Enjoy an art show brought to you by local artists. Natasha Brockman, Roots, Pryer, Leak, Sektor, Koder, Keys, Bonejones

6 course tasting menu and Signature drinks will be available! Yes people all for $45 dollars. We are making our first event exciting and memorable we hope you enjoy the show.

Please note that the event is an outdoor event. Halloween costumes are allowed. Hope to see you there!

Street parking available.


Recap of The Record Cover Art Show- Los Angeles Edition

On October 17, 2015 The Shambala Studios which is located at 410 North Bamboo Lane in historical Chinatown exhibited their very own Los Angeles edition of the Record Cover Art show. Therefore the debut of this show was special for all of us since we all take much pride on our city & arts; it was such a lovely night. For those of us that spent the night together with good tunes and art; we can all agree it felt more as a family affair!

First of all I want to thank Edwin, Roten and Anuh for making it happen for our Lil Frida to debut along with her Daddy Pryer One for this dope show and like always she blew our minds with her awesome skills; you are an awesome Artist Frida. When I heard about this show and the artists behind it, I was excited to see all the women that were participating; as you all know I am always supporting my Mujeres. The excitement of seeing my family getting ready for an art show is the kicker that starts it off; pushing Lil Frida to paint as well as everybody asking me if Pryer is done with his is a never-ending story that once its over I can tell myself that it was worth all the chaos in the end.

As we got close to the venue which was conveniently located close to our home, it felt as if we were entering a movie set in beautiful Chinatown right next to Phoenix Bakery’s alley way. It was such an intimate venue; all of us in our own little world of Art. We were welcomed by our brother Roten, Angel and the fellas, reggae tunes on the background and spider webs on Graffiti walls as we entered. I honestly loved this location, as we walked thru the tunnel and ended up in the back of the venue; there was our Lupita representing her Fuck Cancer brand with her loving husband Ray. She pretty much came and took front stage of the night, as she was placed in her own stage to sell and raise money for her new Cancer treatment. We love you Lupita, you are such a strong Mujer; you know we will always move mountains for you. Her presence brought a serenity and brightness to the venue; as we all felt throughout the night the mutual love and respect for each other.

The SKA Crew was present that night though and I always enjoying their company; Pryer, Roten, Phowl, Skol, Jroz, Neer, Longevity and Aloy. Along with the OTR’s and LOD’s that were also there that night; nothing but good vibes and laughter. The show was such a success as a lot of Arte was sold throughout the night, the ambient was so pleasant that not one negative vibe was felt. I want to give a big shout out to Edwin, thank you for putting my lil Frida on the show and thank you for being down to support Lupita without hesitation!

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon


Buckshot Gallery presents “Noche de Calaveras”

On October 17, 2015 Buckshot Gallery will open its doors to a “Noche de Calaveras” reception. Located at 3129 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica, California 90405. 7:00pm- 11:00pm. We kick off the art shows and Day of the Dead festivities on the West Coast with an exclusive list of artists for this awesome event. With Graffiti Art legends and internationally renowned Fine artists such as Risk, Seen, Estevan Oriol, Slick, Saber and many others. You do not want to miss out on this eventful night of colorful depicted skulls in your favorite artist’s unique techniques and signature styles.

See you all there!

Much Love & Respect,
Monica Smiles Tobon


“Noche de Calaveras” marks the beginning of founder and graffiti icon RISK’s foray into the gallery world, featuring mixed media works on skulls from world renowned artists and photographers. (Partnering with Kevin Zinger and Ivory Daniel from The Regime Management, and local entrepreneurs Howard and Bryan Spunt, RISK is excited to announce the grand opening of Buckshot Gallery), Buckshot Gallery will feature a balanced blend of urban and fine arts, and their grand opening sets the stage for what’s to come.

RISK has become internationally recognized for his graffiti, fine art, and illustrative work over the last thirty years, and has become increasingly involved in the scene that he helped to pioneer. His latest endeavor founding Buckshot Gallery cuts through art world politics, allowing artists to show new genres of work without the pressure of exhibiting what they have become notorious for.

“Noche de Calaveras” will feature work by: RISK, SEEN, Tristan Eaton, Nathan Ota, Estevan Oriol, Slick, Andrew Hem, David Flores, Everlast, Evidence, O.G. Abel, Phil Frost, Saber, Sonny Boy, Van Styles, Aaron Thomas, Axis, Cyrcle., Ernie Cefalu, Franco Vescovi, Kenny Scharf, L’Amour suprême, House of Meggs, Shar K Toof, and Steven Lippman, to name only a fraction of the thirty six artists they have planned.