Recap of The Record Cover Art Show- Los Angeles Edition

On October 17, 2015 The Shambala Studios which is located at 410 North Bamboo Lane in historical Chinatown exhibited their very own Los Angeles edition of the Record Cover Art show. Therefore the debut of this show was special for all of us since we all take much pride on our city & arts; it was such a lovely night. For those of us that spent the night together with good tunes and art; we can all agree it felt more as a family affair!

First of all I want to thank Edwin, Roten and Anuh for making it happen for our Lil Frida to debut along with her Daddy Pryer One for this dope show and like always she blew our minds with her awesome skills; you are an awesome Artist Frida. When I heard about this show and the artists behind it, I was excited to see all the women that were participating; as you all know I am always supporting my Mujeres. The excitement of seeing my family getting ready for an art show is the kicker that starts it off; pushing Lil Frida to paint as well as everybody asking me if Pryer is done with his is a never-ending story that once its over I can tell myself that it was worth all the chaos in the end.

As we got close to the venue which was conveniently located close to our home, it felt as if we were entering a movie set in beautiful Chinatown right next to Phoenix Bakery’s alley way. It was such an intimate venue; all of us in our own little world of Art. We were welcomed by our brother Roten, Angel and the fellas, reggae tunes on the background and spider webs on Graffiti walls as we entered. I honestly loved this location, as we walked thru the tunnel and ended up in the back of the venue; there was our Lupita representing her Fuck Cancer brand with her loving husband Ray. She pretty much came and took front stage of the night, as she was placed in her own stage to sell and raise money for her new Cancer treatment. We love you Lupita, you are such a strong Mujer; you know we will always move mountains for you. Her presence brought a serenity and brightness to the venue; as we all felt throughout the night the mutual love and respect for each other.

The SKA Crew was present that night though and I always enjoying their company; Pryer, Roten, Phowl, Skol, Jroz, Neer, Longevity and Aloy. Along with the OTR’s and LOD’s that were also there that night; nothing but good vibes and laughter. The show was such a success as a lot of Arte was sold throughout the night, the ambient was so pleasant that not one negative vibe was felt. I want to give a big shout out to Edwin, thank you for putting my lil Frida on the show and thank you for being down to support Lupita without hesitation!

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon


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