Up Art Studio & TPY present:The Texas BBQ Cookout!

The Up Art Studio and TPY Present the Texas BBQ Cookout” Big shout out to my girl Triz Founder of Universal Style School, they will be painting live at this dope event located at the infamous Paint Yard. Texas. Come join them for live music, Graff Live painting, local DJ, Beer & BBQ…and more! Come check out this family oriented event and support your Art Community.

Much Love and Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon


Chocolate & Art Show: Miami Edition


MAY 18th and 19th, 2017.

Chocolate And Art Show, will take in our new Venue WYNWOOD WAREHOUSE PROJECT

Chocolate And Art show which is currently one of the biggest underground art shows in LOS ANGELES, with over 1500 people in attendance.

If you are interested in checking out the show go to our WEBSITE

Submit links and/or pics of your work for consideration ARTWORK SUBMISSION

Returning ARTISTS have a discounted price per piece that they submit.


VENDORS: We only have 10 space available.


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Recap of Rebekah Miles Show

“Women are the Creators of Life and Children are our  Future”- Rebekah Miles

On November 12, 2016, The Arts Works Gallery located at 509 Sullivan Street, Miami Arizona showcased “Rebekah Miles- Fine Art Photography”, her First Solo Exhibit; a milestone for this young and talented Apache Woman. It was such a privilege to be able to attend and support her as I was in the middle of a self discovery journey during this time over in Arizona.

The stars must have aligned for this special night, as I happened to be visiting the San Carlos Apache Reservation, my good friend and Apache Artist Doug Miles, knew I was in his reservation for the week and kindly invited to such a special moment for his daughter’s career.

As you know by now, my mission in life to uplift and support young women in the Arts, I had been invited to the Apache Rez to document Art and Culture and it was an interesting twist as I was able to cover her event. Seeing a younger generation of Native American Artists still inspired by their culture and as Rebekah has stated the importance of her works. As one sees her photography’s subject matter are always women, when I asked Rebekah if this was a mere coincidence, she shared the importance in highlighting Women and Children because they are the Future, as a Woman creates Life, the Children get passed on the Language, tradition and live on for generations to come.

Rebekah Miles exhibit was an intimate setting, close friends, family and supporters made the night as vivid and personal as her body of works displayed at The Arts Works Gallery.  Every photo had its own story, its own highlighted beauty and rich colors, a twist of Contemporary Pop Art and traditional Native Women all wrapped up in a time frame where both worlds meet and create a breathtaking still life of their every day lives. My new fond Din’e Brothers from Hip Hop Group Forbidden Theory performed throughout the show too, big shout to you guys! Really exciting to see young artists collaborating together for Rebekah; you deserve the best! Thank you for welcoming us with open arms to your first solo exhibit, shout out to artist Paul Daniel for welcoming me into your Reservation and Doug Miles for inviting us for this event.

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon


Recap of the Cannabis Show @ Infinity Room!

On January 28th, Paul Stewart and Over the Edge Gallery kicked off the year with the Cannabis Art Show which was located at the infamous Infinity Room in conjunction with Delicious Pizza located at 5413 West Adams Blvd. Los Angeles Califas.

Paul Stewart  partnered up with major Cannabis companies in the industry to bring to the public a massive line up of artists, Graffiti artists and special DJ appearances.  Along this collaboration show featured a heavy hitter artist line up with OG Slick, Michael Miller, Eric “Cre8” Walker, Keo, Lauralee Benjamin, Petal, Jennifer Korsen, Mr. Trixter, Sanecorner, Somehoodlum, Adria Cruel, Xistheweapon, Style One, WizRok, Gas, Sebastien Walker, The MadTwiinz, Phever, Bihno, Antonio and Isaac Pelayo.

This was an excited event for me as it was my first time working along with OG Paul Stewart, coming up with a fresh Cannabis theme along the beautiful and talented Tasha Nguyen who was in charge of all the DOPE vendors. If you attended this event then you all agree with me that the dopest part of the event was walking thru the back of the Infinity Room to the spot of vendors such as TGD, PotRocks, Legion of Bloom, Stonedgamers which was a popular hit with the public that night! It was a surreal experience to see all the Cannabis themed vendors, pastries, drinks, video games, bong hits, and dope vinyl records while listening to fresh DJ’s throughout the night; the final thought: Oh shit, this is really happening in Cali, Smoke Up!

Big Ups to our Fresh Los Angeles Hip Hop Heads, Cannabis Vendors, Artists, the Sponsors PBR, photographer E5D Zine for some of these great moments captured. Shout out to my fam from Cholos Try, Scar and Irene, thank you guys for always coming thru to show love and support. Here’s to more nights Up in Smoke, Tunes, Arte and Good People. Waddup Sista HailStorm, Petal, Gas, Wizrok, OG Cre8, Lea, My Mija Tatyana Ali,Korsen who stole the space in the Infinity Room with her massive Cannabis Art Piece which was used throughout the night as a backdrop. Just to show you that when creative genuine people get together, unforgettable events like this happen.

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon

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Visiting St. Charles Parochial School in San Carlos Apache Rez with Sister Ruth

On November 13, 2016 I had the honor to walk thru the doors of the Saint Charles Parochial School which is located in San Carlos Apache Reservation in Arizona. First of all, I want to thank artist Paul Daniel for allowing to be a part of your journey; this place changed my life forever.

I must admit that this photo gallery is precious to me, it is a great deal to be sharing with you. It took me a month to dwell on whether I wanted to keep this marvelous experience to myself or share it with the world as I had promised. But there are moments like this that do need to be shared, to give others a new perspective on the importance of Life, helping others and allowing strangers to inspire and teach you new ways. Openly absorbing the beauty around us.

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon


History of Saint Charles Parochial School in the San Carlos Apache Reservation, Arizona

St. Charles School, located on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation was opened in September 1965. The first generation Catholics who attended St. John’s Indian Boarding School requested that a Catholic school be built on the reservation so that their children and subsequent generations would have the opportunity to learn about the Catholic faith without leaving the reservation and losing their Apache culture.

San Carlos Apache Reservation, Arizona
Front of St. Charles Parochial School
Sister Ruth inside warehouse with donations for the Apache Community
Inside Look at St. Charles Parochial School’s kitchen
Inside View of Classroom at St. Charles Parochial School
San Carlos Apache Reservation
St. Charles Parochial Church
May the Lord Give you Peace and All that is Good

Photo Recap of Per Bernal Exhibit & Artists for Trauma

Sur le Mur présents premiered the most anticipated opening of Per Bernal’s Fine Art Photography Studio in Los Angeles. Which took place on Saturday, November 5, 2016, 7:00pm-11:pm. Opening Reception with Artists was located at 4935 McConnell Avenue, Studio #2, Los Angeles, CA. 90066.

In addition to his debut, Per Bernal partnered up with “Artists for Trauma” along with a selective group of artists such as Kelly Risk Graval, Alexandra Grant, Lincoln Townley, Billy Morrison, Plastic Jesus, Prince Lorenzo de Medici, Steve Kaufman, Geoff Melville, Glenn David, Unfukyourself and dear friend Black Brain.














Paul Daniel- Apache Fine Artist

About Paul Daniel
Paul Daniel is an Apache Native Artist, raised in Los Angeles, California. At its earliest years without knowing it, he was placed in a city where he would be influenced for the rest of his life, an Angelino at heart but with Apache Blood running thru his veins, a lethal combination of strength, passion and creativity.
Some of his early influences while living in the rough streets of Los Angeles, as he grew up with a strong influence of artists that not only inspired him to become an artist, but also were a huge part of his growth as an active member of the community to give back and teach the youth the importance of expressing oneself in the most creative yet positive way. Such influences came from Graffiti Art, lettering, and vibrant colorful murals in East Los Angeles. Paul Daniel grew interest in lettering as a form of art at age of 12, thanks to the guidance of legendary Fine Artist Defer and Tempt One.
“My artistic direction came though as a direct result of being with my shiwoye hastiin my maternal grandfather. His influence was beyond measure and I often think of him while painting. The stories he shared and his own artwork also”– Paul Daniel
Paul Daniel is an active member of his community and every month he returns to his
Apache Reservations to help in any which way he can. Mentoring the youth to make better decisions for their future by utilizing Art as a positive tool. He believes his Art and perspective can teach many not only about his Ancestry but also to inspire others to learn about their true selves.


From Los Angeles, CA.
Paul Daniel Garcia
Artist/Muralist/Graffiti Artist

Art Work For Sale


Paul Daniel
“Authentic in a world full of Hollywood Indians. A dedication to my Jicarilla(Ollero) White Clan relatives”. $400.00 18″X20″ Canvas Mixed Media
“Nde’ The People” $400.00 16″X20″ Canvas Mixed Media
Paul Daniel Apache Art
“Goyathlay aka Geronimo Chiricahua Apache P.O.W. $400.00 18″X20” Canvas Mixed Media
"Son of Cochise: Chief Naiche Chokonen Band Chiricahua Warrior" $400 18x20 Mixed Media
“Son of Cochise: Chief Naiche Chokonen Band Chiricahua Warrior”
$400 18×20 Mixed Media

Recap of Kofie’s Above the Streets Preview Art Show

On October 22, 2016 Art Share LA which is located at 801 East 4th Place, Los Angeles, California 90013, celebrated its 3rd Annual “Above the Streets” fundraising event benefiting Art Share, and this year around they highlighted the works of our dear friend and Fine Artist, Augustine Kofie, honoring the 6th. Street Bridge. The event hosted Hit+Run, with live screen-printing, music and Resident Beer by Mumford Brewing.

Kofie’s works can be best described as an architectural drafting, abstract masterpieces with a strong influence of urbanism approach with bold striking lines and complimentary colors that remind us of nature but with a twist of architecture design. His works forces me not to glance at it and walk to the next one, it requires one to articulate what one is looking at.  It feel as if we can travel thru his art, his perspective genuinely takes you in a journey of lines, patterns and rough surfaces; which can be compared to the a stroll down the streets.

First of all, I want to give a shout out to my boy Cre8, for going on a mission with me all day and night. We started off on the streets of West Los Angeles earlier and as always absorbing all the Graffiti History knowledge he is always willing to school me on. I truly appreciate those that take the time to teach a young Art Historian the truth! As we walked thru our beautiful city of Angels, we were able to admire Defer’s mural right alongside of the Container Yard, as well as other pretty dope murals. You got to love and enjoy this Downtown L.A. City night Life. I have visited Art Share LA in the past, actually helped with a fashion show a few months ago with Wardrobe Divas so I was curious to see how they would play with the space for Kofie’s art show. But the space was inviting, and as soon as you walk upstairs to the show, you are welcomed by digital art and his amazing collection!

The entire time, Kofie was surrounded by people and although we know him thru the Graffiti family and he is more of a brother to us all, I was trying to be respectful and just be there to support without actually interrupting him. But when Isabel Rojas and Steve Grody showed up, this was my chance to go snatch him from the crowd for a group photo; and that is exactly what I did, went across the venue, pulled Kofie out of the crowd, (I apologized ) dragged him with a tight hug to come and hang out with his Graff family. After that moment, and seeing his big smile and appreciation for us to show our support; the ambient changed and we felt more at home than ever. And as Steve Grody and myself played photo shot, my girl Petal showed up, along with other Graffiti writers from the UTI such as Rubik and AiseBorn. Shout out to my new friend Ruti, Kofie’s lovely girlfriend and professor. Cannot wait to see how much these two lovebirds grow together.

We stayed with Kofie and our friends till the reception was over and I do not know how, but got home at 1:00am, but as they say when you are having a good time, no need to check time, your phone or your surroundings, just live by the moment and enjoy it!

The actual reception will take place at same location, Art Share LA on October 27, 2016. 6:pm 10:30pm. So please make sure you stop by tonight and show your support.


To check out more of Augustine Kofie’s work and events, please click on the link below:


Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon

monicasmilestobon_kofie_14 monicasmilestobon_kofie_02 monicasmilestobon_kofie_05 monicasmilestobon_kofie_06 monicasmilestobon_kofie_07 monicasmilestobon_kofie_13
monicasmilestobon_kofie_15 monicasmilestobon_kofie_16 monicasmilestobon_kofie_17 monicasmilestobon_kofie