Silver True Blue Graffiti Battle Recap: Aloy SKA, MSK Takes it all!

On January 19, 2013, the event that will mark new beginnings for 2013 for many Graffiti Writers in the Los Angeles area took place at the Graffiti House LA presented by Inkstains. Judging this battle were Shandu LABS, Risk WCA AWR, Tempt STN and Dcypher CBS. The morning of this event, I made Pryer and... Continue Reading →


The Graffiti House and Ink Stains presents a really awesome event that you cannot miss! The Silver and True Blue Graffiti Battle. It is going down on Saturday January 19, 213 starting at 2pm. A $1000 gift will be presented to the winner; this is going to be a tough one though since every Graffiti... Continue Reading →

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