Recap of the Silver Battle 2014 Kalm One takes it all!

Kalm Oner SKA STP takes the winning title on January 11, 2014 at the Silver Battle which started off the New Year for all Graffheads and Graff lovers. I must say even though little circumstances such as the cops trying to shut us down and take away the dopest sounds of Huskey Radio; we all made it a success.

The line up of Graffheads that battled out for the Silver Battle couldn’t have any better than First time Winner of the Silver Battle ALOY MSK, SKA, FTL, KALM STP SKA, ORC.CLOWN TITS, ACME SH LOD, FISHE KOG, SER LA YR, VERSUS LTS. Along with the special appearance and for the first time representing for the Ladies at Silver Battle, MISS REDS CBS AM7. With some heavy hitter OG judges in the game such as SKILL STP, UTI, WCA. ZUCO K4P & MURAL STK. The event was hosted by yours truly Smiles and my lovely friend Uzi and occasionally with the help of Swan UTI STP. Thanks Swan for your MIC Voice! Abraham and his family had the grills and drinks coming throughout the entire event as well as Besk Uno’s beautiful daughter. And of course Besk Uno and Inkstainz were running around working hard making sure everything went smooth. As you all know the rules and guidelines for the Silver Battle Graffiti, which is only Silver and Blues Colors, no usage of futuristic effects, characters or any other feature to alter their Graff pieces. The Silver Battle has been successful to bringing back the essence of True Writing and taking it back old school where the skills in lettering is what matters the most. The contestants still did what they know best and brought their finest skills to the wall panels for judgement. Shout out to our sponsors such as Montana Cans, Vose Water, Jarritos as well as our vendors such as Kush Life Brand, STP Foundation, Ezra, Magnus, Soul Siderz, Tits Crew, Smog city, Inkstainz, DSTRD Crew and many more.

As I mentioned earlier, we had a bit of complications with the police and although they attempted to shut us down; they were only able to shut down our music and it’s really upsetting because it is only MUSIC!…go back to really catching crimes why don’t you. Anyways, that still didn’t stop us and it did not bother the contestants at all, they still kept on pushing till the very last moments of completion of the judging piece. I was very excited to see MissReds partake on the Battle, since you all know I am always pushing for the Ladies to rock walls, canvases and have a strong presence in the Graff Art World. MissReds is one of my top favorite ladies in the game right now and she never leaves us hanging; her pieces are majestic and leave you wanting more! Thanks Loka for coming to our Silver Battle, you are now in our history; First lady to rock a Silver Battle Wall.

In my personal experience, an event is never quite complete if you do not have your crew members and fans cheering you on and it was great to see how all contestants had that along throughout the battle. I love hosting because it gives me the opportunity to talk and mingle with everyone and get feedback on how well we are doing or how we can do it better for future Silver Battles. With all that being said, towards the end of the battle, contestants had to push to the very last-minute of allowed time for completion to prevent disqualification. But we all already had our favorite pieces on mind to win and not only because they are family, but my heart was with Kalm and Aloy…shoot, MissReds should have battled it out too ..hahahaaha! I had the honors to sit in the judging room and I must say that the support, professionalism and feedback from the judges were outstanding and they allowed for everyone to publish their worksheet results for every contestant. I must admit by the time we had to announce the winner I was pretty the heat and drinking with every contestant and public..I guess everybody that witnessed my hosting can agree that I was really proud and excited to announce the winner! Keeping my mouth shut till the moment of truth, although I already knew who the winner was; I made sure everybody felt as anxious and excited as me and the Silver Battle was. The moment was finally here,,the winner of the Silver Battle 2014 goes to Kalm Oner SKA STP! We are all proud of you brother and we are all looking forward more of your skills in Arte and Tattooing!

I was able to recap with Kalm One in regards to his triumph at the Silver Battle 2014 so stay tuned for the Sit Down with him……to be continued.

Much Love & Respect

Monica Smiles Tobon

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