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Synthesis// The Collaborative Artworks of Cache x Aiseborn

On December 9, 2017 Tonalli Studio is presenting a unique evening of two extraordinary Los Angeles based Artists Aiseborn and Cache. You might have seen their art either in the streets or galleries as both artists have their signature style of art making. Tonalli Studio is located at 4539 East Cesar E. Chavez Avenue, East Los Angeles, California 90022. This is a Free Event- All Ages Welcome- Opening Reception is 6:00pm-10:00pm.

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon

Official Press Release:

“Two Well-Known LA Graffiti Artisits Collaborate In An Unexpected Synthesis”

CACHE and AISEborn (ArtIsSelfExpression) have painted murals all over the city. Although the two differ more than stylistically, their collaboration reveals a commonality that goes beyond the human barriers and into the realms of spirit.

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, December 9, 2017 6pm – 10pm

The artists known as Cache and AiseBorn will show a series of collaborative works in a show aptly titled, Synthesis. Cache’s playful and colorful chicken murals can be spotted on nearly every street corner around the city, while AiseBorn’s massive and impressive mandalas reside in the streets as well as museums.

At first glance, no one would guess two artists would find a common ground artistically. Cache’s cartoon-like characters come in bright, geometric, playful forms, while AiseBorn works with intricate brush strokes and realistic imagery. It was an unexpected yet organically natural union when these two found themselves sharing a mural space after an introduction by their mutual friend, another well-known graffiti artist, Atlas.
“When we come together, we influence each other in unexpected ways. AiseBorn’s work pushes me to flex my other styles; playing with futuristic linear forms and light and shadows.”, says Cache

The show will take place at TONALLI STUDIO in East Los Angeles or “Old Town Maravilla”, a gallery space owned and operated by long time residents and artists, Ofelia Esparza and her daughter Rosanna Esparza Ahrens. Cache and AiseBorn were drawn to the space because of its focus on wellness and community. For the first time, the two artist collaborative works will come together in a new formation on gallery walls. Synthesis will be on exhibit until January 6, 2018.


Antonio Pelayo presents El Velorio 2017

Que Ondas Los Angeles! So excited to announce another mas firme que wow event in our City of Angeles brought to you by my camarada Antonio Pelayo. El Velorio will take place on November 4, 2017, 7:00pm to 1:30pm located st legendary Plaza de la Raza 3540 North Mission Road, Los Angeles, Califas 90031. Remember this is a 21+ event so portends bien!

Antonio Pelayo presents
Hosted by Alysha Del Valle


DJ ChrisRox
DJ Orlando

Art Exhibit curated by Antonio Pelayo
Live art by Isaac Pelayo

Sponsored by
El Jimador

For more information and to purchase tickets, click on the link below:




Kush Mobile Sesh Party-

Come out and network with the 420 event, Friday, September 29, 2017 7pm to 12am. Located at Black Hollywood 8916 Western Avenue, Los Angeles California. With special guest DJ Choice One from 93.5 KDAY-Back in the Day Hits!

Live Graffiti Painting by KCC.

See You all there

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon

Coming Soon “All In” Group Photography Show”

On August 27, 2016, Cold Fire Art Co. & Bob Flowers presents “ALL IN” Group Photography Show with Shooters from the East Coast to West Coast. Located at 5702 E. Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, Califas, 90022. This is an All Ages event and it will run from 8:00pm-12:00am. Brought to you by the same team team that brought us the famous Record Cover Art Show Tour! So you know this is a show you do not want to miss.

As we know photographers are not only artists but they are the ones that walk the streets, and capture the true essence of what is really happening out there. There is no set up on the beauty they capture and the line up of photographers will us just that.

Stay tune for more details, as this event develops to its final product; please follow them on Instagram to keep posted with the line up of photographers.


See you all there!

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon 



“So Rough, So Tuff” Dia de Los Muertos

“So Rough, So Tuff” Dia de Los Muertos Arts & Cultural Festival will be located at 1520 North Mountain Avenue. Ontario, California 91762 from 11am to 8pm. This will be a Free Family event presented by Richard Roybal Jr. and the On Tap Barbershop Team; hosted by the Lovely Delina Barrasa Hong. This event will help establish the City of Ontario’s very own Arts District and it will be an exciting beginning for their arts community! Therefore this event is meaningful for all us in the Los Angeles area as we join force for the first time with Inland Empire to support them build and reshape their city’s pride in the Arts.

The Unveiling of City of Ontario’s Mural will be at 2:00pm. Along with the presence of the Inland Empire’s renown Graffiti Artists Dowts, Kalm, Kesoe and Pres; which will be the highlight of the event as well as welcoming Pryer and Aloy; Los Angeles supporting artists.

So Rough, So Tuff will host a Barber Battle and the notorious judges are non other than Chey_labarbertate95@2%barbershop, Suave The Celebrity Barber @Gentlemen’s Barber Shop and Lomas_TheBarber. A Classic car show with car clubs such as Classic, Gangs to Grace, Good Times, Maniacos, Nokturnals, Real Classic, Rumble Cats, Simple Riders, Spirit, Underated, Viejitos and many more.

Here is the Official Schedule for the So Rough, So Tuff Dia de los Muertos Arts & Cultural Festival:

11:00am- So Rough So Tuff opens its doors!

2:00pm- The Unveiling of Inland Empire’s Mural

3:00pm- Los Angeles Originals/L.A. Poplockers dance performance/Hip Hop Envy Dance Co.

4:00pm- 7:00pm- Barber Battle-

Tommy vs. Edawrd

Kyle vs. Joey

Rolando vs. Hector

John vs. Alex

7:00pm- Freestyle Cypher

8:00pm- Winning Announcements

Throughout the entire event, an art show will be on view for the public, as well as kid’s activities, face painting, vendors and other cool stuff for the entire family!

dia de los muertos 1final flyer

We are bringing a historical moment in our West Coast California with the union of Los Angeles Originals and L.A Poplockers all under one roof! Ace Rock, Burstrock, Cre8, OG Jeckle, Nasty, Playboy Eddie and Tic Toc are the legendary ground breakers from this pop-locking movement which was born on the West Coast. Therefore their presence is such an important moment for all us in both the Hip Hop and Graffiti Movement. Check out some of the video clips from these talented guys!

We will have delicious food trucks, vendors and artsy merchandise for the public to purchase so please do not miss out on this important event that will mark history for the City of Ontario.

See you all there and as always I will be documenting this awesome family affair so do not be shy and say hello!

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon


NOVELMy brother Novel! Today March 26, 2015 marks one year since you left us and it is still hard to understand why God took you away from us so soon. But to everybody that knew him, we all know Novel is finally resting and watching over his precious daughters, his crew members and family.

I will always treasure all the memories we built with Novel at Landmark. Who else would open up their home and give birth to a place where Graffiti writers, performers and family could also call it home and throw down on the walls. As many of you know, he was the founder of the TCI CREW and of Landmark in South Central Los Angeles and since its beginning; we were always there to support. Novel opened his doors for many of us to have art shows, music performances and most importantly to have a good time and even provided a safe environment for our children as they played along with his own precious girls. Every time we came to any show he was hosting, you would see him grilling the carne asada and the hot dogs to feed the kids. With his cold Tecates or 40’s on hand still managing to take care of every Graffhead that was painting too! Novel was always multitasking making sure everybody was taken care of; Sur Central hospitality at its finest.

Smiling, joking around and having good times; Novel was genuine and humble as a friend. Even during the hard times, he was there with a helping hand. Many times I needed help; Novel never hesitated to have my back and be there for us! Many were the times he opened up his home to me to provide for my family and our Graffiti Family in need.

When I heard the devastating news of Novel passing away; my heart was broken but had to stand strong for Mary and his daughters. It was a sad moment for our Graffiti Community to accept that Novel was taken from us. Remembering Novel with tears in my eyes and trying to hold back this pain today. I want to send love and strength to all his crew members, his family and daughters and most importantly keep him alive forever.

We miss you Novel! We will meet again someday on the other side!

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon

Recap of the Silver Battle 2014 Kalm One takes it all!

Kalm Oner SKA STP takes the winning title on January 11, 2014 at the Silver Battle which started off the New Year for all Graffheads and Graff lovers. I must say even though little circumstances such as the cops trying to shut us down and take away the dopest sounds of Huskey Radio; we all made it a success.

The line up of Graffheads that battled out for the Silver Battle couldn’t have any better than First time Winner of the Silver Battle ALOY MSK, SKA, FTL, KALM STP SKA, OCP. CLOWN TITS, ACME SH LOD, FISHE KOG, SER LA YR, VERSUS LTS. Along with the special appearance and for the first time representing for the Ladies at Silver Battle, MISS REDS CBS AM7. With some heavy hitter OG judges in the game such as SKILL STP, UTI, WCA. ZUCO K4P & MURAL STK. The event was hosted by yours truly Smiles and my lovely friend Uzi and occasionally with the help of Swan UTI STP. Thanks Swan for your MIC Voice! Abraham and his family had the grills and drinks coming throughout the entire event as well as Besk Uno’s beautiful daughter. And of course Besk Uno and Inkstainz were running around working hard making sure everything went smooth. As you all know the rules and guidelines for the Silver Battle Graffiti, which is only Silver and Blues Colors, no usage of futuristic effects, characters or any other feature to alter their Graff pieces. The Silver Battle has been successful to bringing back the essence of True Writing and taking it back old school where the skills in lettering is what matters the most. The contestants still did what they know best and brought their finest skills to the wall panels for judgement. Shout out to our sponsors such as Montana Cans, Vose Water, Jarritos as well as our vendors such as Kush Life Brand, STP Foundation, Ezra One.com, Magnus, Soul Siderz, Tits Crew, Smog city, Inkstainz, DSTRD Crew and many more.

As I mentioned earlier, we had a bit of complications with the police and although they attempted to shut us down; they were only able to shut down our music and it’s really upsetting because it is only MUSIC!…go back to really catching crimes why don’t you. Anyways, that still didn’t stop us and it did not bother the contestants at all, they still kept on pushing till the very last moments of completion of the judging piece. I was very excited to see MissReds partake on the Battle, since you all know I am always pushing for the Ladies to rock walls, canvases and have a strong presence in the Graff Art World. MissReds is one of my top favorite ladies in the game right now and she never leaves us hanging; her pieces are majestic and leave you wanting more! Thanks Loka for coming to our Silver Battle, you are now in our history; First lady to rock a Silver Battle Wall.

In my personal experience, an event is never quite complete if you do not have your crew members and fans cheering you on and it was great to see how all contestants had that along throughout the battle. I love hosting because it gives me the opportunity to talk and mingle with everyone and get feedback on how well we are doing or how we can do it better for future Silver Battles. With all that being said, towards the end of the battle, contestants had to push to the very last-minute of allowed time for completion to prevent disqualification. But we all already had our favorite pieces on mind to win and not only because they are family, but my heart was with Kalm and Aloy…shoot, MissReds should have battled it out too ..hahahaaha! I had the honors to sit in the judging room and I must say that the support, professionalism and feedback from the judges were outstanding and they allowed for everyone to publish their worksheet results for every contestant. I must admit by the time we had to announce the winner I was pretty smashed..lol..from the heat and drinking with every contestant and public..I guess everybody that witnessed my hosting can agree that I was really proud and excited to announce the winner! Keeping my mouth shut till the moment of truth, although I already knew who the winner was; I made sure everybody felt as anxious and excited as me and the Silver Battle was. The moment was finally here,,the winner of the Silver Battle 2014 goes to Kalm Oner SKA STP! We are all proud of you brother and we are all looking forward more of your skills in Arte and Tattooing!

I was able to recap with Kalm One in regards to his triumph at the Silver Battle 2014 so stay tuned for the Sit Down with him……to be continued.

Much Love & Respect

Monica Smiles Tobon



UTI Crew Wall 27th. Anniversary with Piece Magazine


I had the privilege to sit down with Piece Magazine and some real OG’s from the UTI Graffiti Crew. As they celebrated their 27th Anniversary; the entire crew participated in a massive wall production in South Central Los Angeles.

Check out the complete story with Huskey Radio and Piece Magazine Blog site!

Just click on the link below and enjoy, and please share the story of this amazing moment in Los Angeles Graffiti History!



Recap of the SB Battle for Los Angeles K4P & USC takes it all!

On August 3, 2013 Inkstainz Brand ans the SB Battle brought to the streets of Los Angeles yet another historical event for the books! The event of the year took so much hard work from all the SB Battle Team and I must say that I am very proud to have taken part of something so real to the Graff game right now. It does not get any better than the Silver Battle for Los Angeles…as we see the badest and most notorious Graffiti Crews that have came out of Los Angeles battle it out for the winning title.

Check out the amazing recap of how it all went down! It is always a great time to see out family and friends under one roof with the same love and respect for the Graff Game. We love you and and we are all thankful and humble for all the support we have been receiving!

Silver & True Blue Battle San Diego Recap- Zane WCA takes it all!

On May 11, 2013 Inkstainz brought to you yet another great event for the Silver & True Blue Battle San Diego! and for this round-up Zane from WCA West Coast Artist takes First Place.  Honestly, I knew he was going to take the victory win; his piece was sick! It had all the elements that the judges were looking for as well. Nevertheless, let me take you down memory lane and relive this event and for those of you that couldn’t make it;  take a peak of how it all went down over the weekend in the big SD.

The line up for the San Diego Graff Writers were ZANE, AERO, SAKE, AMIGO, ARREST 150 & STYLE. The concept of the battle for San Diego was exactly the same as the previous one, only usage of silvers and blues as color foundations and the San Diego Graff Writers were only allowed to use letters as the main subject matter. The time frame for completion of the qualifying pieces was from 10:00am.- 4:00pm. which gave them plenty of time to elaborate their very own personal masterpiece. The judges were from the San Diego Area as well and had on panel the one and only Dyse, TCR,  Pose 2 FX and Chosen. This was the moment that we have all been waiting for and we were finally going to enjoy all of our hard work and effort and commitment to make this yet another successful battle.

But none of this would have happened without the help of Threatski from HEM, thanks for all your support and good vibes, if you didn’t get the chance to meet him; he is a cool vato!. He was in charge of booking the location, recruiting the San Diego Graffiti Writers as well as the qualified judges for this event.

So coming from Los Angeles this means road trip! So it was a nice ride down the 5 south freeway along with Pesky Oner, Who, Pryer, and SKA music. And although for being saturday morning and early; we hit traffic for a while but it was nice a scenery to view, cracking jokes, laughs and messing with Pryer as he attempted to sleep. Once we got to the location the sun was already burning, the participants for the battle were already getting down and busy on the first floor of the event space. Some familiar faces from San Diego such as Aero, man I love his art work and his crazy tiger tan; I have been following his work for years now.  Zane from WCA was already getting busy as well. The vibe was great as they all took breaks here and there and sat amongst each other, talking, eating drinking like a big family. Although it is a competition at the end; the respect for one another was mutual and it was great to be a part of that.  As we walked upstairs to the second level; it was good to see familiar faces doing what they do best. And there he was; the winner of the Silver and True Blue Battle Los Angeles; El Aloy SKA, MSK, FTL. Along with his wing man Rudy and his ice chest of cold ones for the team; I must say that I had never seen Rudy outside the family environment but damn, he is a crazy vato. haha! Among the Los Angeles Graff heads was Calvyrus DCV, Sky DTK, Zuco K4P, Ezra, LOD, UCA, Sky, DTK, Cold, Emer, Cin GMS, Drew, OTR. Who ended up getting down also, and many other Graffheads that at the last-minute were down to paint up the spot. I loved the concept and colors they were using; colorful and playful.

But just like everything, we all worked really hard to prepare for this event, planning and pre planning and getting our merchandise ready to vend at our booth once again; with the help of Pesky Oner who also brought some of her beautiful and colorful pieces which were a success for the lady costumers. In our booth we had tons of slappies from LA Writers, canvases of work from Aloy Winner of Silver & True Blue Battle Los Angeles, Pryer SKA, WCA, UTI, art supplies as well as the official Silver & True Blue Battle T-Shirts. I was accompanied by Threatski’s beautiful fiancée Roxanne; she designs silk roses with Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skulls and among other jewelry items. Smog city clothing were our next door neighbors which made it really fun to hang out, joke around and help one another. Thank you guys for all your help! and for future reference please do not bring along a mannequin that looks too real; as I found myself talking to her several times. ( nothing to do with me being a little tipsy). Among other vendors and familiar faces were Soulsiderz, Piece Magazine and many others. Once again Huskey Radio live streamed the event with my girl Uzi hosting it with her LOL jokes a great personality!. Jarritos sponsor the drinks for the public and the BBQ grills kept on fire all thru the night. A lot of Graff heads from the area were there as well such as SMEAR, BROKE, FACTOR, CHALE from GIK southeast SD, AHLAWN, RUE, ZION 700 Block, GLOK OCP, BEAN from writters Blok. Giving props to the HEM brothers and sisters that couldn’t make it, SHENTE, LIBRE, SPEL, KAFY, KUTA and PEIN.
The event went as scheduled, by the time the doors were opened to the public, vendors were set up, the music was bumping and the writers were at the peak of their pieces creativity. The had the entire day set up with amazing live music performances by Mighty Moses, Charm the Legend, First Dirt, and Frist Power Crew. While the public awaited announcements for free giveaways from the vendors as well as Raffles with awesome prices.

I must say that it was lots of fun, although it was freaking hot, we kept cool under our little canopy with cold icy strawberry hills and smoke. As the event progressed more LA faces were beginning to show, got to hang out with Fearo as he hit books for the public, Cloko came down with his lovely “tribe”. Thank you ladies for helping out at the booth and going around the event selling raffle tickets too. And FYI, I am really tempted on getting kidnapped to another state for stress relieve. haha! Dowt, Love RUH, SKA and other friends were finally making their way over to the battle. But I must say that the best experience was actually getting to know the San Diego crowd, met some cool Graff Writer Chicks like Ms. Unique, with whom I am looking forward working with pretty soon so look forward to that.

By 4:00pm the Graff writers time was up and now all they had to do was to join the fun with everybody else. On the second floor, Pryer had his own party going on, as he set up a living room layout for his fan to chill in to watch him get down as other writers hit the books; he painted the day away throwing a sick ass piece like always!. The fumes of spray paints were so strong upstairs that I had to take really quick rounds to document the event, i know these cats are used to it but it was pretty bad; imagine over 15 heads painting nonstop from 10:00am throughout the entire time frame of the event. I salute you all for what you put yourselves thru just to show us some good arte.

Right around 8:00pm. We all gathered around the main center stage where it all went down to witness who would be the winner of the Silver and True Blue Battle San Diego!. Must say that all the pieces came out really good but tonight there was only going to be one winner. As we all know the winner would not only take the title as First Place but also with a $1000 check on the side, not bad!.

The moment finally came, as Dyse One announces the winner: Mr. Zane WCA takes it all!. Which was earned with the mad skills he brought to the battle. The crowd was pleased to hear their winner and all his friends and crew members paid their respects to him. I was glad to have been able to document as this entire event progressed and as it came to an end; Zane took his huge check home with him and celebrated with all his peepz.

Congrats to Zane and big ups to the West Coast Artists Crew.

And once again, a big thanks to Besk One LOD UCA for letting me be a part of this and Threatski, San Diego and Tijuana Mexico Family for all the love and hospitality you gave to us all! As Pisto from HEM says it;” We are all a big family, Los Angeles, San Diego y Tijuana todos estamos conectados y nos ayudamos en lo que somos”

Much love and respects,

Monica Smiles Tobon.