Recap of “The Wild West Art Show” @ La Vida Tattoo Shop

Shout out to all the great family, artists, fans and people who came out to La Vida Tattoo Shop’s “The Wild West Art Show” last night. So proud to call this my city and most importantly to be part of this Wild West Coast California lifestyle.
As always the team of La Vida Tattoo Shop is welcoming to all of us and this day was yet another example of the magic that happens when creative minds work together; successful event that marks another milestone for our Graffiti and Tattoo Art community. And I am forever supportive to the visions Honey or Leslie want to make a reality!. I was really excited to have Pryer One be a part of this show and so proud on the art pieces “Billy the Kid”canvas which textures and rough-looking colors made the silver letter define how really skilled he is as a Graffiti Artist, and as well as the photography “The Feeling I get when I look to the West” modeled by our lil Frida in Downtown Los Angeles in front of legendary mural of our very own West Coast Tattoo pioneer Mister Cartoon. Both Lil Frida and myself personally delivered Pryer ‘s art work hours before the show started so we were lucky to take a sneak peek of all the pieces and had the opportunity to photograph all of them before the show started. We were looking at a show that was not only representing our West Coast Art family but also international artists from as far as Australia and the United Kingdom.

Every art piece was so unique and the way it was exhibited made them all have their own spotlight even though the space appeared crowded. But most importantly, the depictions of our brother Trigz all throughout the  show was a sole reminder that if it weren’t for him and his love for both Graffiti and Tattoos; none of us will be there together last night. TRIGZ FOREVER. The list of artists was legendary, too many to name but among them, Estevan Oriol, Risky, Swan, Pryer, Mr. Glare, Ozer, Antonio Pelayo, Issac Pelayo, and many others.

We started the night a little bit late but still enough time to enjoy the show, as we walked to the venue; we were welcomed by a slick white dropped Cadillac and some of the crew members from J4F Crew. As we entered the gallery space with its final touch and every piece included in the space; the elaborated set up was brilliant and most pleasant; an aesthetic exquisite taste for our eyes. But the party was really happening in the back of the venue,  with over 100 art and tattoo lovers from all walks of lives. Honey as always on hustle mode, loyal to her hubby’s dream and brand, selling Trigz gear throughout the night while Vida ran around and played with Frida while we all hung out. The presence of J4F, MSK, WCA, UTI & THE SEVENTH LETTER members were strong last night and I want to send you all a big shout out for the good time we spent last night! Among familiar faces and top Graffiti and Tattoo artists such as Pryer, Norm, Risky, Drew and other great friends; a particular couple caught my eye. Pedro and his girlfriend just came to America from Mexico City and apparently, he had been following Pryer online, the youngster made it a mission to hang out with all the guys he had been looking up to all these years in another country and online. Walked around with a box of Modelos and introduced himself to all these top heads in the Art scene; genuine awesomeness! The stories he will take back to his friends, kicking with all these legends on a hot Saturday night in Califas.

I want to say thank you to all the ladies that kept me company all night; always make me feel like family!  Photoshoots for days lol! And especially of our hubbies; who say men do not enjoy taking photos? And speaking of photos, the talented photographer Birdman was also there with his beautiful lady as well as my personal hero Siva MSK. Wendy Random Chavez was also there but no pictures, just leisure time for her. The pressure of taking photos of them and in front of them is real. Do not judge me as you see them.  As the night progressed, everybody came in peace and showed nothing but respect to the venue, but we all know there is always going to be that one that ruins it. And yes, I am referring to the asshole that decided to steal a piece of art work from the show, not only was that shady and disrespectful, that train was painted specially as a gift for Vida of her Daddy Trigz; I hope it was worth you taking something from Trigz home and family.

But aside to that, we all had a great time and  the show was a success and a lot of art work was sold so congrats to Leslie and Honey for an awesome night! The show will be up for two weeks and it will be open during regular business hours for those of you that missed the show or would like to purchase some art. Show your support!

So much love and respect to Leslie,  Honey, Kim,  Remy, Kimberlynn and eveybody that showed me so much love last night!


Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon

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