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Writing on the Walls: Street Art Lettering Workshop

In conjunction with the exhibition Charting the Terrain, street and graffiti artist Eric “KING CRE8” Walker guides participants through the process of drawing fonts and elements commonly used in graffiti and street art. Workshop participants will be encouraged to design their own signature, words, phrases, or art elements in a graffiti style. No prior art experience needed; recommended for ages ten years and up.

Sunday, July 29, 2018- 1:00pm to 3:00pm.

Location: California African American Museum

600 State Drive, Los Angeles, California, 90037

Please follow link below for registration & more information:



Thank you!



Los Angeles Where You At! So excited for this upcoming art show at OG L.A Art Show tonight January 10, 2018. Cartwheel Art is yet to present another exhibit at Booth #7030. Please make sure you come out and support our Los Angeles Based Legendary Artists.

For more Information on these artists and Cartwheel Art, check out the link below:


Much Love & Respect

Monica Smiles Tobon

Recap of El Velorio 2016!

Q’vole my beautiful Raza of Los Angeles! If you were at Antonio Pelayo’s Productions “El Velorio 2016” at Plaza de La Raza located at 3540 North Mission Rd. Los Angeles, Califas this past Saturday, November 5, 2016, then you are well aware of the tremendous festivity that went down that night. For those of you that missed out on the hottest event in Los Angeles, follow closely to the reventon I am about to show you; should have been there Fam!

This extravagant Day of the Dead inspired fiesta was hosted by stunning Melissa Santos with headline bands such as Metalachi, Mariachi Manchester, DJ Gazoo and Casa de Calacas, Ev Dub, El Carro Fantasma, and many others. It is inspiring to see so many talented individuals as well as the supporting public join together to celebrate our beautiful cultura de Dia de Los Muertos. A big shout out to Antonio Pelayo and Natily Gonzalez, the amazing duo behind every successful event in the past few years; thank you for always welcoming me.

I was actually at El Velorio last year and I must say that this year was the best El Velorio turnout, the energy was immense. Beautiful Catrinas y Catrinos everywhere I turned, really awesome to see how the public went all the way out to dress the part and celebrate the lives of our Loved ones con Mariachi, tequila y baile. This is exactly how this night is supposed to be celebrated; you know how we do it, puro pari! The night started late for me as I had to look around for a pinche parking space, no joke when they say to Uber or Lyft it #estacabron. But I walked in to El Velorio at its strongest force and although it was a bit late, the lines were still forming outside. This night was packed, to walk from one part of the venue to the other was an adventure itself, never a dull moment though with hot ladies and handsome caballeros dressed in full attire for the occasion.

First stop, find Natily to get this party started, as I had just came from another show she helped with Sur le Mur, this woman works hard. Finally made my way to the main stage and hang out with Natily and Melissa Santos, really down to earth lady (thanks for dancing with me) as always, the ultimate experience is backstage with all the performers and artists, as the energy and excitement to be there pretty much vibe off on all of us while they performed. I think the funniest part of the night was not realizing that my Press Pass fell off and so there I was walking thru the event randomly asking people if I can photograph them without being aware that my Press Pass had fallen off hours ago! OMG what were these people thinking? This chola asking to take photos of us, oh well why not!. A big thank you for still letting me do my thing!

After a few tequila shots, I finally worked my way thru the entire venue to snap shots of our gente, arte and vendors. I really enjoyed the Art exhibit, as the grand entrance was welcomed by the breathtaking masterpiece of Johnny Quintana. Great art work display as always could not be any more Brown and Proud of my fellow artists! On the other side of the gallery space was the dance floor hosted by my Chingona Friend Calipso and DJ Sloepoke, pretty dope to be welcomed by my new fond family from Cholos Try, got to boogie on the dance floor to some cumbias with the homey Scar and la Chulada de Mujer Irene Soto. Big ups to Big Tokes and Carlos. I always enjoy hanging out with you all at these events. Make me feel right at home chilling with the homeys; they are the real deal, no fronting. As the night progressed, ended up getting into a desmadre with Scar up on the main stage while Metalachi performed, the crowd was hyped to see him on stage, dancing and drinking and clowning with everybody was the highlight of my time at El Velorio. You all know how I feel about humble, down to Earth celebrities!

The best surprise of the night was to see my Mala Influencia Size OTR and my lady (well, his girlfriend) Blanca! Love you both to the moon and back. The night ended with some bomb tacos from Chicas Catering and I don’t say this much but their tacos al pastor were the best I have ever eaten, I really do not have anything else to argue on that. Thank you for feeding me at the end of a long night. You ladies rock!

Big shout out to all my peepz I got to hang out with tonight, Size OTR and Blanca, Roten SKA, Anuh, Payback, Jackie Boy and his beautiful wife, DJ Sloepoke, Calipso, Pauline, Mike Flores, DJ Gargamel, Isaac Pelayo and Dakota, Yasmin Ferrada, the one that holds my heart Elvira Zamora, CEO of Wardrobe Divas, Estela Hydes, Jose Joker, Jaime and Priscilla. And of course Antonio Pelayo and Natily Gonzalez.

It is always important to always remember where you come from and the people who have blessed you with so many opportunities, and that is the mutual respect that these artists, performers and Antonio express to the public. With that being said, Antonio, (and I speak for the community) Thank you for allowing us to have our own events and our very own art exhibits in our beautiful city of Angels. Please continue to represent our Cultura and Firme Style.

Please check out my Recap Gallery of El Velorio 2016!

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon


Recap of Kofie’s Above the Streets Preview Art Show

On October 22, 2016 Art Share LA which is located at 801 East 4th Place, Los Angeles, California 90013, celebrated its 3rd Annual “Above the Streets” fundraising event benefiting Art Share, and this year around they highlighted the works of our dear friend and Fine Artist, Augustine Kofie, honoring the 6th. Street Bridge. The event hosted Hit+Run, with live screen-printing, music and Resident Beer by Mumford Brewing.

Kofie’s works can be best described as an architectural drafting, abstract masterpieces with a strong influence of urbanism approach with bold striking lines and complimentary colors that remind us of nature but with a twist of architecture design. His works forces me not to glance at it and walk to the next one, it requires one to articulate what one is looking at.  It feel as if we can travel thru his art, his perspective genuinely takes you in a journey of lines, patterns and rough surfaces; which can be compared to the a stroll down the streets.

First of all, I want to give a shout out to my boy Cre8, for going on a mission with me all day and night. We started off on the streets of West Los Angeles earlier and as always absorbing all the Graffiti History knowledge he is always willing to school me on. I truly appreciate those that take the time to teach a young Art Historian the truth! As we walked thru our beautiful city of Angels, we were able to admire Defer’s mural right alongside of the Container Yard, as well as other pretty dope murals. You got to love and enjoy this Downtown L.A. City night Life. I have visited Art Share LA in the past, actually helped with a fashion show a few months ago with Wardrobe Divas so I was curious to see how they would play with the space for Kofie’s art show. But the space was inviting, and as soon as you walk upstairs to the show, you are welcomed by digital art and his amazing collection!

The entire time, Kofie was surrounded by people and although we know him thru the Graffiti family and he is more of a brother to us all, I was trying to be respectful and just be there to support without actually interrupting him. But when Isabel Rojas and Steve Grody showed up, this was my chance to go snatch him from the crowd for a group photo; and that is exactly what I did, went across the venue, pulled Kofie out of the crowd, (I apologized ) dragged him with a tight hug to come and hang out with his Graff family. After that moment, and seeing his big smile and appreciation for us to show our support; the ambient changed and we felt more at home than ever. And as Steve Grody and myself played photo shot, my girl Petal showed up, along with other Graffiti writers from the UTI such as Rubik and AiseBorn. Shout out to my new friend Ruti, Kofie’s lovely girlfriend and professor. Cannot wait to see how much these two lovebirds grow together.

We stayed with Kofie and our friends till the reception was over and I do not know how, but got home at 1:00am, but as they say when you are having a good time, no need to check time, your phone or your surroundings, just live by the moment and enjoy it!

The actual reception will take place at same location, Art Share LA on October 27, 2016. 6:pm 10:30pm. So please make sure you stop by tonight and show your support.


To check out more of Augustine Kofie’s work and events, please click on the link below:


Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon

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monicasmilestobon_kofie_15 monicasmilestobon_kofie_16 monicasmilestobon_kofie_17 monicasmilestobon_kofie


I remember we all got together to raise money for our friend Novel, and Trigz helped out so much, didnt’ give a shit about the drama, he was just down, brought a big ass bag filled with arte and merchandise & random items hahaha. But he was so worried about Novel’s kids and it breaks my heart that shortly after he was taken away too; life is too short for nonsense. If anybody has the group picture we all took, please send it to me.


Recap of So Rough, So Tuff Dia de Los Muertos

On November 1, 2015 Inland Empire’s On Tap Barshop set off their very first Dia de Los Muertos Arts & Cultural Event; So Rough, So Tuff! And for all of us that were part of this family affair can say that the love for their city was inspiring; so much talent and good atmosphere throughout the day.
It is always a pleasure to attend events and support local communities but this So Rough, So Tuff Dia de los Muertos Arts & Cultural festival was so much more than that an attempt to keep our cultura alive; it was a union of different artists, performers and subcultures with the same vision to help the city of Ontario begin their very own Arts District. I was more than honored to assist and make Love SKA, Richard Royal Jr. And the staff from On Tap Barbershop’s dreams a reality. As we represented our beautiful city of Angels; we brought the best artists, graffiti artists, vendors and performers to represent our support to this community. From Los Angeles to San Diego; we held it together on a hot sunny day for our new found family!
Before the event took place, the movement that was created behind So Rough, So Tuff was already making history itself; the hard work, sacrifices and new friendships that were built along the way speaks on the importance of growth within our subcultures and arts communities. Pryer and Aloy were chosen as representatives of the Los Angeles Graffiti Movement and they painted live throughout the festival. We also had many artists from all over the United States as part of their Art show that was also on view for purchase throughout the day. But one of the best highlights of the day was the most anticipated performance of the Los Angeles Poplockers and Original Poplockers which consisted of OG Jeckle, Playboy Eddie, Burst Rock, Tic Tac, Ace Rock, Cre8 and Lil Bina from Funnybones Crew.
As the festival got started, the heat was raising very rapidly, vendors were setting up while the DJ played some good old school music and rock n’ roll. I got to set up my booth right next to me music system so it was a perfect location to set up my community Altar which consisted of personal items and friends that have passed on. I turned it a public altar as I set up a space for everyone to write the names of their loved ones that have passed on too. It was a great way to connect with all the spectators as they shared stories of ther loved ones and hit their placaso next to others. There were lots of vendors there setting up with a reflection of cultura and Dia de los Muertos inspired art. Raul Ataye from R & A Culturas. Mario Moreno’s Nahua Olin’s booth came all the way from San Diego to vend his amazing merchandise and art. Thank you so much for supporting us from so far away!
As the day progressed, the local community began to arrive, there was so much to look at such as the art show which was held inside the OnTap Barbershop which was amazingly displayed; the entire space was filled with great art. As you walked out the art gallery you were welcomed by all the car clubs and bikers with their beautiful collection of cars; it was a nice sight to see. The public was able to walk around get their face painted by Blosm, eat delicious pupusas from El Salvador and get to mingle with all the vendors such as the Junkies, Lupita from Fuck Cancer and Tic Tac’s lovely family but most importantly to get to watch the live Graffiti Art by Pryer and Aloy.
There were all good vibes at this festival and family was very important for all us as we kept the kids safety and fun as our priority. Our kids got to play all day with the sugar skulls faces playing soccer, running around and painting at my booth. It was funny to see how my booth became a mini center for all the kids; it was the cool hangout spot!
So the time finally came, as the Inland Empire s very own Graffiti Artists Dowts, Kesoe, Kalm and Pres began to put together the anticipated unveiling of the City of Ontario’s mural. That moment the mural was revealed to the public, it stamped the reason why we were all there; to support the talent and dedication from these artists to their community. The mural became the center stage for all announcements and performances; the Envy Co. Hip Hop dancers performed there as well as the Los Angeles Original Poplockers! That was such a historical moment to see all these OG’s reunited and doing what they do best with the beats of Zapp and Roger’s So Rough, So Tuff! Brilliant way to dedicated that shinning moment to the event’s title theme. It was such a sight to see, poplocking behind a vivid mural while Pryer and Aloy painted live and as the public went wild just taking in all this movements all at once! As the sun went down and the heat cooled off, the barber battles began to take place inside the OnTap Barbershop; this art form is new to me but the public was so excited and really taught me about a new different creative world. Thank you Love for showing us what you on a daily basis. So much respect for what your teams does.

All of these different elements connected under one thematic night; and I was really proud to bring Los Angeles to this city and show them how its done but most importantly that their new journey on creating an Arts district is going to be So Rough and Tuff but with hard work and dedication; anything is possible.
I cannot wait to see this community grow as time passes, I am sure they will make us all proud and looking forward to many more community engaging events that promote artists union and family affairs. Thank you for making us feel right at home.


Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon

Recap of “The Wild West Art Show” @ La Vida Tattoo Shop

Shout out to all the great family, artists, fans and people who came out to La Vida Tattoo Shop’s “The Wild West Art Show” last night. So proud to call this my city and most importantly to be part of this Wild West Coast California lifestyle.
As always the team of La Vida Tattoo Shop is welcoming to all of us and this day was yet another example of the magic that happens when creative minds work together; successful event that marks another milestone for our Graffiti and Tattoo Art community. And I am forever supportive to the visions Honey or Leslie want to make a reality!. I was really excited to have Pryer One be a part of this show and so proud on the art pieces “Billy the Kid”canvas which textures and rough-looking colors made the silver letter define how really skilled he is as a Graffiti Artist, and as well as the photography “The Feeling I get when I look to the West” modeled by our lil Frida in Downtown Los Angeles in front of legendary mural of our very own West Coast Tattoo pioneer Mister Cartoon. Both Lil Frida and myself personally delivered Pryer ‘s art work hours before the show started so we were lucky to take a sneak peek of all the pieces and had the opportunity to photograph all of them before the show started. We were looking at a show that was not only representing our West Coast Art family but also international artists from as far as Australia and the United Kingdom.

Every art piece was so unique and the way it was exhibited made them all have their own spotlight even though the space appeared crowded. But most importantly, the depictions of our brother Trigz all throughout the  show was a sole reminder that if it weren’t for him and his love for both Graffiti and Tattoos; none of us will be there together last night. TRIGZ FOREVER. The list of artists was legendary, too many to name but among them, Estevan Oriol, Risky, Swan, Pryer, Mr. Glare, Ozer, Antonio Pelayo, Issac Pelayo, and many others.

We started the night a little bit late but still enough time to enjoy the show, as we walked to the venue; we were welcomed by a slick white dropped Cadillac and some of the crew members from J4F Crew. As we entered the gallery space with its final touch and every piece included in the space; the elaborated set up was brilliant and most pleasant; an aesthetic exquisite taste for our eyes. But the party was really happening in the back of the venue,  with over 100 art and tattoo lovers from all walks of lives. Honey as always on hustle mode, loyal to her hubby’s dream and brand, selling Trigz gear throughout the night while Vida ran around and played with Frida while we all hung out. The presence of J4F, MSK, WCA, UTI & THE SEVENTH LETTER members were strong last night and I want to send you all a big shout out for the good time we spent last night! Among familiar faces and top Graffiti and Tattoo artists such as Pryer, Norm, Risky, Drew and other great friends; a particular couple caught my eye. Pedro and his girlfriend just came to America from Mexico City and apparently, he had been following Pryer online, the youngster made it a mission to hang out with all the guys he had been looking up to all these years in another country and online. Walked around with a box of Modelos and introduced himself to all these top heads in the Art scene; genuine awesomeness! The stories he will take back to his friends, kicking with all these legends on a hot Saturday night in Califas.

I want to say thank you to all the ladies that kept me company all night; always make me feel like family!  Photoshoots for days lol! And especially of our hubbies; who say men do not enjoy taking photos? And speaking of photos, the talented photographer Birdman was also there with his beautiful lady as well as my personal hero Siva MSK. Wendy Random Chavez was also there but no pictures, just leisure time for her. The pressure of taking photos of them and in front of them is real. Do not judge me as you see them.  As the night progressed, everybody came in peace and showed nothing but respect to the venue, but we all know there is always going to be that one that ruins it. And yes, I am referring to the asshole that decided to steal a piece of art work from the show, not only was that shady and disrespectful, that train was painted specially as a gift for Vida of her Daddy Trigz; I hope it was worth you taking something from Trigz home and family.

But aside to that, we all had a great time and  the show was a success and a lot of art work was sold so congrats to Leslie and Honey for an awesome night! The show will be up for two weeks and it will be open during regular business hours for those of you that missed the show or would like to purchase some art. Show your support!

So much love and respect to Leslie,  Honey, Kim,  Remy, Kimberlynn and eveybody that showed me so much love last night!


Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon

Ms. Unique @ BATTLEGROUNDZ Graff Expo Event!

MAAC Community Charter School is presenting the BATTLEGROUNDZ event; which will consist of a Graff Expo, BBoy/BGirl Battle and Sticker Swap. So you know we will be San Diego bound on  May  2, 2015! This will take place at 1385 Third Avenue, Chula Vista, Ca. 91911. Early Birthday Celebration Road trip for myself and friends.

Lets roll and support our San Diego Graffiti Family! I think the last time I was out there was last year when we hosted the Silver and True Blue Battle San Diego in which our brother Zane WCA West Coast Artists took the winning title. The San Diego Graffiti family welcomed me with open arms and haven’t been able to return and show support to their events, so I am really looking forward to this trip down the 5 Sur Freeway.  Check out the line up of Graff Artists such as my friend Ms. Unique One; I had actually met her out there in San Diego and ever since our connection we have stayed in touch and support one and other in all we do. Women Rise Together!

No excuses Ms. Unique, see you at the BATTLEGOUNDZ!

Much Love & Respect

Monica Smiles Tobon


Live Graffiti Artists for our Dia De Los Vivos @ Belmont Artspace!

Check out our Live Graffiti Artist that will be part of the Dia De Los Vivos event at Belmont Artspace, this November 1, 2014 from 4:00pm to 9:00pm at 1341 West 1st. Street, Los Angeles California 90026, in conjunction with the Bob Baker Theater .

Come out and support our Graffiti Community!

Much love and respect to all these legends in the Graffiti Art Movement, always a pleasure working with them.




dia de los vivos

Dia De Los Vivos! At Belmont Artspace November 1, 2014

dia de los vivos




I have never been so excited to be a part of such a great community art festival! I was given the honors to work along a great committee to make this happen for our Cultura. Dia De Los Vivos at the Belmont Artspace which is located right across the street from Legendary Belmont Tunnel, which was the original stomp grounds for the 1980’s generation of Graffiti Artists on the West Coast.

We are all really looking forward to this Community Event which will mark yet another great memory to our Belmont Artspace!

We will be having live DJ’s, Live Graffiti Artists, Easel Artists, Food Vendors, Art and clothing vendors as well.

Zender is also holding an exquisite art exhibit thematically as Day of the Dead and our Hispanic Culture.

Aside to Blosm s face painting, children’s activities, bouncers and raffles throughout the event. We have partnered with Bob Baker Marionette Theater and they will open up their doors and entertain the public with an awesome marionette show! You cannot miss on the great activities we have in store for our Los Angeles community.


See you all there!


Much love and respect!

Monica Smiles Tobon