Recap of Spicy Tuna Goes Mod @ KGB Studios

“Spicy Tuna goes Mod” Art show & music event presented by Haven Studios at KGB Los Angeles gallery presented an exquisite photo documentary series of popular band Kotolan by the one and only LA based photographer Joshua Ian. On September 10, 2015, Los Angeles was alive! Aside to the Downtown LA Art Walk, the VIP Reception to Exodus Events, Tatuaje”, I got the chance to hang out at KGB. It was a night filled with not only great photography and live performances but also an enormous energy of passionate individuals; it was such a surreal night to remember but the best part was the presence of our younger generation inspired by these talented artists!

This was one of the largest art shows for Haven’s studios and it featured photo-based works of Joshua Ian along with artwork by Danny Greene, Mr. Black Brain, Emerson Barrett, Geoff Melville, Lekit, Atomik One, Rusty Blades, and Geo. I enjoyed every piece of art and aside to the great works; having the opportunity to greet and mingle with the artists was even more surreal; very humble and passionate individuals. Aside to the art, we got to dance to cumbia and the tunes of Los Angeles based rock-cumbias band Kotolan! Along with legendary Chicano icon Lalo Guerrero, D.J Black Shakespeare and many others brought such great vibes to this venue.

I have attended many events at KGB, aside to the Graffiti shows, or live performances, this event was different and its got a lot to do with the people who filled up the place. From the moment I walked in the venue, I was welcomed with heart warming open arms, every person, artists, musician or community organizer was genuinely happy to be there and support one another. KGB was under another type of magic; a fresh ambient where we all came together to network and feed off of our different accomplishments and taking them as our own. This is an example of what community building is all about, aside to executing successful events, bringing our youth to partake in what goes in our arts community. I had the pleasure to share my story with lovely young ladies this night, about my background, my crazy life moments which led me into believing in myself and pursue a higher education and become successful on what I love best; Art! To be in a place, where you are not being judged, but instead applauded for all hard work and dedication leads to a memorable lesson for these young teenagers. If I can do, so can you and I believe in you!

Great job Haven studios! Thank you for always thinking of you to be a part of your awesome LA Art Nights. I left KGB Studios inspired more than ever knowing we are inspiring the youth to follow our steps, to look up to us as role models. Very humble to be there. Congratulation to Joshua Ian on your great work on documenting Kotolan band. Looking forward to more of your work and projects!

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon

Here are some useful links to learn more about the artists, bands and galleries of this night:





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