Moby Arts- Arts District Co Op Sound Saturday Event this 1-21-17!

Moby Arts is marking its home at the Arts District Co Op which is located at 453 Colyton St, Los Angeles, California. A breathtaking gallery space filled with Urban Art, Clothing, accessories and with the fresh edition of Art Collections of Natiliy Gonzalez, CEO of Moby Arts Pop Up Gallery..

Join us this Saturday, January 21, 2017 2pm.-6pm. For their Sound Saturday event which takes place every third of the month. Come check out our collective art sale!

Much Love & Respect

Monica Smiles Tobon


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Recap of Spicy Tuna Goes Mod @ KGB Studios

“Spicy Tuna goes Mod” Art show & music event presented by Haven Studios at KGB Los Angeles gallery presented an exquisite photo documentary series of popular band Kotolan by the one and only LA based photographer Joshua Ian. On September 10, 2015, Los Angeles was alive! Aside to the Downtown LA Art Walk, the VIP Reception to Exodus Events, Tatuaje”, I got the chance to hang out at KGB. It was a night filled with not only great photography and live performances but also an enormous energy of passionate individuals; it was such a surreal night to remember but the best part was the presence of our younger generation inspired by these talented artists!

This was one of the largest art shows for Haven’s studios and it featured photo-based works of Joshua Ian along with artwork by Danny Greene, Mr. Black Brain, Emerson Barrett, Geoff Melville, Lekit, Atomik One, Rusty Blades, and Geo. I enjoyed every piece of art and aside to the great works; having the opportunity to greet and mingle with the artists was even more surreal; very humble and passionate individuals. Aside to the art, we got to dance to cumbia and the tunes of Los Angeles based rock-cumbias band Kotolan! Along with legendary Chicano icon Lalo Guerrero, D.J Black Shakespeare and many others brought such great vibes to this venue.

I have attended many events at KGB, aside to the Graffiti shows, or live performances, this event was different and its got a lot to do with the people who filled up the place. From the moment I walked in the venue, I was welcomed with heart warming open arms, every person, artists, musician or community organizer was genuinely happy to be there and support one another. KGB was under another type of magic; a fresh ambient where we all came together to network and feed off of our different accomplishments and taking them as our own. This is an example of what community building is all about, aside to executing successful events, bringing our youth to partake in what goes in our arts community. I had the pleasure to share my story with lovely young ladies this night, about my background, my crazy life moments which led me into believing in myself and pursue a higher education and become successful on what I love best; Art! To be in a place, where you are not being judged, but instead applauded for all hard work and dedication leads to a memorable lesson for these young teenagers. If I can do, so can you and I believe in you!

Great job Haven studios! Thank you for always thinking of you to be a part of your awesome LA Art Nights. I left KGB Studios inspired more than ever knowing we are inspiring the youth to follow our steps, to look up to us as role models. Very humble to be there. Congratulation to Joshua Ian on your great work on documenting Kotolan band. Looking forward to more of your work and projects!

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon

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Recap of Dark Nights @ L.A. Live

If you missed L. A. Live last friday, here is a little recap of what went down in our beautiful city of Angels. Because as you know; our lives are lived in the most spontaneous and extravagant way! Los Angelinos West Coastin’. Frida, Pryer, Evol, Wendy Randon Chavez, Vyal One and Mr. Blackbrain were the highlights of our crazy night. (for those of you that were there; you know what I mean). I had a very special date as Frida and Pryer and myself came out to enjoy a family art night with our friends; especially to support Evol TSL, the 7th. Letter and for the first time to meet Mr. Blackbrain, an artist I had previously mentioned on this site with his awesome art and prints for sale at Haven Studios.

As we drive to Downtown Los Angeles, we can already hear the “Ghetto Birds” (LAPD helicopter) on a high-speed chace. The sounds of sirens and fast driven LAPD cops was just the way to enter the night with a Krylon on his hand and a bottle of Rose Moscatto on mine. Lil Frida came with her B-Girl jacket to bust some moves on the dance floor too! To my surprise, the event expanded three times its size from the last time we attended when my girls Petal & Blosm were live muralist. Therefore, there was more art, live artists and vendors. I was a bit disappointed on the DJ music since they were different areas for music. They did have a few dance crews performing on the floor and as you know our little Frida just had to show her moves to the entire event. She was a bit shy at first until a lady from the audience gave her a $20 bill, then Frida wowed the crowd  as they all cheered on for her. We Love you Frida! As the night progressed, my dear friend and talented photographer Wendy Random Chavez and we got to sip on some wine and take photos of the night. Thank you for coming thru friend.

It was good to catch up with new upcoming artists as well as supporting those that are always relevant to the Art movement here in our city of Angels. And as I had mentioned before, one of the main reasons I needed to attend this art night was to finally meet Ariel Vergez aka. Mr. Blackbrain. and I must say he is a very talented but most importantly humble person and that is key in this movement. To be humble, eager to learn and not think you got it all figured out because that is how an artist becomes greater with time. Thank you for my awesome Malcolm X from your upcoming Malcolm X-Men series prints. I will cherish it forever. Really looking forward on working with you in the near future.

A special shout out to the Container Yard for their Los Angeles installation.

Please enjoy this cute video clip from our Lil Frida shocking the crowd with her freestyle moves!



Much Love and Respect;

Monica Smiles Tobon



Ariel Vergez-Mr.Blackbrain Exclusive @ Haven Studios & Gallery

It is always an honor to learn about new artists! Especially when the artist is genuinely passionate about what they present to the world; using Art as a tool to educate the masses is of such great importance to me as an art lover and writer; it is an inspiration. With all that being said, Haven Studios & Gallery which is a Los Angeles based closed silkscreen and artist space studio is working along with Ariel Vergez- Mr. Blackbrain, an upcoming artist of Dominican decent, Miami raised. I want you to just take a few moments and take in the name he uses;  it is a bold statement which quickly lets you know what his Art represents as well as his persona. He is an extremely talented artist who is bringing not only vivid graphics and comics to enjoy but also a large dose of knowledge, consciousness and history all wrapped up in one. I am really looking forward on meeting him and digging more into his mind about the characters he has chosen for this new installments called “Dreamers” which consists of political figures and heroes. What a political yet artistic way to portray our fallen heroes.  You can learn more about his latest installment series of “Dreamers; Malcom XMen” on the press release images below.

Mr. Blackbrain along with Haven Studios & Galleries will be a part of the L.A. Live Show in our beautiful city of Angels this Friday, June 12, 2015. Come thru and support his art! See you all there.

You can find out more about his works as well as purchasing original limited prints exclusively at Haven Studios which is located at 1640 North Spring St. Suite D. Los Angeles, California 90012.213- 536-5102.

Just Click on the link below to be directed to their Official Website:


Instagram @havenstudiola

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon





MONICA SMILES TOBON MR. BLACKBRAINBLACK BRAIN is a pop-noir artist disrupting beauty and thought. He whips ink like Dexter does blood. His gifted, art psyche develops stories that bring color to the mundane, dialogue to the mute and personality to the dull. His work is a voice for the transitional generation.

Dominican born Ariel Vergez, the mind of BlackBrain, was raised in Miami, Florida. Inspired by the heroes of his youth including Dali & DaVinci he pursued art at a young age. BLACK BRAIN’s apprenticeship commenced at the Design and Architecture Senior High in Miami, Florida and matured at The Cleveland Institute of Art. His in-demand talents have globally guided him to award-winning design firms including Hasbro, Takara, Eleven, and Karten Design where he was recognized with the CES Innovation award, IDA Residential Sustainable Design award and named the 2009 IDA product designer of the year. Since then, BLACK BRAIN has joined forces with philanthropic groups and other artists/designers/dreamers to pursue his first love – art – most recently working with Generosity.org helping end the world’s water crisis. BLACK BRAIN also is co-owner of Vergez, Inc., an artscentric, high-concept environments design collective alongside his artist/designer wife.