Art = Fashion Freedom Fundraiser Event Coming Soon!

We are really excited to announce the fundraiser event of the year! Wardrobe Divas has joined forces with Hub City Renaissance and Cancer Me Not Foundation bringing to life Art= Fashion Freedom, an exclusive night filled with fashion, art exhibits and live performances with a twist of Mexican folk art, Rockabilly, pin-up vintage style and high-end Fashion runway all wrapped up in one. And if you follow our amazing clothing line lifestyle then you know you are in for a treat; be ready to be inspired by the vision of our talented Elvira Zamora, founder of Wardrobe Divas.

Art=Fashion Freedom; Art, Fashion and Music Fundraiser will debut its first Annual Gala on Saturday August 20, 2016 from 6:00pm to 11:00pm located at Art Share L.A. – 801 East 4th Place, Los Angeles, CA 90013. Hosted by the beautiful model, actress &radio host for Movimiento Radio on Dash; Calipso Aranda.

This is a 21 & over event and tickets are limited! So please purchase tickets now. Tickets are only $10.00 and it comes with a drink!

Every sponsor, organization, artists and performers were carefully picked to match the standards as well as the same drive and compassion for our mission to help our youth by providing the needed life skills to prepare for a better future. We strongly believe that this can be achieved through education and moral support. And our friends from Hub City Renaissance, has joined forces with us to make this a reality for the youth in the City of Compton.

Aside to education we will also reach out to the public with Cancer Awareness, and all proceeds will go to the Cancer Me Not Foundation; this is but the mere beginning of the so many changes and opportunities that we will bring to our communities thru Art, Music and Fashion!

You do not want to miss out on a night filled with so much enriched subcultures, traditions and fashion statements that have reshaped our image as bold, strong and original Women. Aside to the Fashion Runway, we will have interactive art installations; art exhibits as well as music to make you dance by the tunes of DJ Tony Addiction as well as Scarlett and the Fever.

To purchase tickets please click on the link below:

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon




Wardrobe Divas announces their very first Annual Art=Fashion Freedom Fundraiser Their mission for this exquisite combination of art, music and fashion is to raise money in which will fund Cancer Awareness through the Cancer Me Not Foundation as well as providing life skills and educational workshops for our youth in the City of Compton through the Hub City Renaissance.

We believe in our youth and want to provide the adequate tools to prepare them for a better future in this competitive world; we are very pleased by the extended support and sponsorship from our community, artists and performers.

Art=Fashion Freedom is hosted by Calipso Aranda, a one night event which will bring to the public a combination of popular genres such as Rockabilly fashion styles, vintage clothing and accessories, live performances, art installations and an art exhibit all wrapped up in one. It is a unique and very exclusive event and its attempt to have under the same roof all these different elements of who we are as an artistic community in Los Angeles will be a memorable night for our beautiful city of Los Angeles.

Art Exhibit by artists: The Art of Sketch, Velvet Beehive, Ariana Rodriguez, Lisa Love, Eleanor Murillo, Carlos Funes, Hair Chameleon and more to be announced.

Photography by: Ana J, Cute by Bupi and Maricela Martinez.

Runway Show by: Wardrobe Divas, Moiselle Amoureux, Lexico Fashion, Ceci Cupul, Ceci Punch Designs and Niccoco Creations.

Entertainment by: Scarlett and the Fever, DJ Tony Addiction.

We will have a delicious Churro bar, Cash Bars and Food catering by Chicas in LA, selfies booths and interactive installations; there will be plenty to do

Purchase tickets at:


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Instagram: @wardrobedivas



Wardrobe Divas is a clothing brand established in 2001 in the San Fernando Valley by the talented Elvira Zamora, a fashion statement bold, rich in Mexican folk culture with a combination of rockabilly vintage style with strong quotes for the everyday Chicana Mujer and anybody else that supports this movement and encouragement to our women worldwide.



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