Coming Soon! Exclusive Sitdown with Photographer Wendy Random Chavez.

Los Angeles is such a beautiful canvas in which you can make any dream come true, any ambition, it is so diverse and rich in cultures that so many realities and stories are untold underneath the historical Downtown skyline but we are so lucky to have photographers who are willing to walk the streets and shoot the nostalgic reality of our cities. To bring to the comfort of our desktops, books and newsstands the world we live in. Therefore, I  am so excited for the exclusive sit down I have been working on for months with this talented and humble friend. She is a young Los Angeles Based Lens Queen that is on the rise; Ms. Wendy Random Chavez who is born and raised in the SGV, El Monte California.

Her work can be described as a poetic encounter with the true essence of the streets and genuine interest in the people she shoots. There is a story waiting to be told in every shot, in every event she’s been present at and I am looking forward on sharing  all those stories with you  soon.  We will be exploring her life, her works and projects she has been involved in as well as briefing in further detail some of her iconic pictures with legendary and extraordinary people.

This is going to be a show down so stay tuned as we go down the journey of a little girl who loved to take photos with a 35mm disposable cameras to a young woman shooting professionally nationwide as well as Mexico and other countries.

Here is a little sneak peek of some of Wendy Random Chavez ‘s works!

Much Love & Respect

Monica Smiles Tobon

wendy random




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