Petal x Blosm & Sonji; L.A. Art Show Takeover

The Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles held a special exhibit at the L.A Art Show 2015 this past week which included a strong group of Los Angeles Based Women Artists; Legendary Graffiti Artists Petal and Blosm as well as Muralist and Artist Sonji.

As we all know the mission of MCLA is to preserve the culture and history of Los Angeles; especially providing the adequate resources for artists. Out of town spectators, artists and organizers had the opportunity to learn more about the importance of Artists rights and historical landmark preservation. Therefore the group of Artists used for this Live Painting Production was very well thought out, since these women have similar politically, artistically and socially influences by their communities and subcultures. Not only did they bring to the public and aesthetically artistic production; they pointed out current events of police brutally, social injustice and an uprising of consciousness.

Petal and Blosm are both Los Angeles Based Graffiti Artists who have been painting over two decades and are well established artists who are using their art form as a tool to educate their viewers and imprint their message to anyone that comes across them; it is a bold method of consistency that you cannot avoid. These are two women that aside to being strong and loyal advocate to the Graffiti Art Movement; they are establishing their careers as Fine Artists; without a care of gender roles.  I hope you understand the importance of what they represent for Los Angeles and what better place to share that than at the LAAS. Sonji is a Los Angeles based Artist and Muralist who has had a strong influence and voice at many meeting with MCLA and other protests and organizations for our communities.

Please check out the gallery of every message that was painted for this special live painting session brought to you by the Mural conservancy of Los Angeles.

You can learn more about Petal x Blosm at Danger Beez


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