Recap of L.A Art Show 2015

The L.A. Art Show celebrated its 20th. Anniversary at the Los Angeles Convention Center this past weekend and as thousands of Art lovers from all over the world enjoyed the Modern, Contemporary and Historic Art works on view; our local artists and friends made sure their presence was felt as many of us can agree that this 2015 L.A. Art Show was strongly influenced by our Graffiti Art Movement. Street, Urban or whatever they want to reference it to; is clearly making its strong impact for many artists from different genres and yours truly never felt so proud of witnessing this movement evolve to all these new and upcoming artists.

First of all I want to thank Petal for allowing Lil Frida and myself to partake on this awesome Art Show; it would not have happened without her help and support. Our entire weekend was so inspirational!

I must say the first reaction while entering the L.A Art Show; it was a bit overwhelming to take in all that Art! Did not know where to start but obviously, I started by going to check out the live painting my friends from the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles which included dear friends Petal, Blosm and with the added addition of Sonji, Los Angeles Based Muralist and artist. As I walked towards the back of the convention I noticed there was a panel discussion going on and to my surprise it was our friend and brother from UTI El Mac! What a great way to start enjoying this event, but by listening to a true Artist in regards to the mural conservancy and other issues our city has dealt with in the past. Aside to him was legendary comedian and art collector Cheech Marin, who seemed very proud to be sitting next to our brother from UTI Crew. Other brothers from the UTI Crew were also present on that January 17, 2015 date. Chee, Picture and Nuke were also there to show their support. This moment set the entire day for me as the public has witnessed Los Angeles at its best by being represented by artists that are true to this movement in the streets, have come a long way to now be viewed as prestigious and legendary Artists today. Most of the event I was accompanied by dear friend and great photographer Wendy Random chavez; always a good time to talk about art and document special moments to this Art Scene.

After the lecture panel, Lil Frida and I decided to finally get started on our journey of discovering and enjoying all of these galleries that were not only local but also worldwide. Imagine, the perspective, the different types of mediums and different processes and cultures emerging less than one roof glorifying the true essence of a diverse art form. We worked our way to the entrance. Just way too much to take in, what to photograph, what catches our eye first. Very interesting that although it felt as I had taken hundreds of photos, there was not as many as I had figured. One of the best parts of walking thru all this art, was Frida s reaction to everything, I love her mind and her appreciation to Art. She walked with so much reassurance of knowing what good art should be. She was wearing her pieced up jacket her dad Pryer had made for her last night specifically for this event. With her afro puffs and high boots; Lil Frida stole the show as she was as well a piece of art that everybody wanted to photograph as she walked by. This was our first day at the L.A Art show, we came back the next day to the grand finale of our friends Petal, Blosm and Sonji’s live production to document for the books. As we were able to hang out with Roten, Anuh and Sleeps at the Cartwheel Art’s Exhibition for Dark Progressivsm’ Metropolis Rising which was curated by Lisa Derrick of Cartwheel Art and Rodrigo Riber d’Ebre, filmmaker of Dark Progressivism. You can say the weekend ended as a success for all my fellow comrades from Los Angeles. I am very proud to be a part of this established Movement of artists and revolutionaries that use art as a form of communicating with the masses of political, social and artistic issues we are all faced with today. I love Los Angeles and love Art. Please enjoy some of the best captured moments of the LA Art Show 2015.

Much Love & Respect to all the Artists and Organizers Representing Los Angeles!

Monica Smiles Tobon





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