Piece Magazine: The Volume Two. Release Party

flyerOn saturday February 2, 2013 Piece Magazine a community based Graffiti Art Magazine hosted their release party for the 2nd. Volume issue. If you did not attend this show, let me assure you that you missed out! Not only did the team bring us a great music show by some of our dear friends such as Fawksie One and Paragon along with Phenik of Huskey Radio among them other performers that rocked that night such as Mr. P Chill, Vel the Wonder, DJ. Nocturnal and my new favorite female DJ LALA.  Piece Magazine also held a small art display of Thanks One, Pryer, Trade One, Becs Art, Dsyple, Elmer, ImageOne and KufOne. It was well executed and it just couldn’t get any better than this!

Before the show even started though, I was surprised to have the lovely ladies from Piece Magazine coming to our home to pick up Pryer’s art pieces for the show. They got the chance to check out our own personal art gallery which is really special to us and those that come to our home often, it is known for having art from some of the dopest and legendary Graffiti Artists and other art genres from all over the world. So it was a nice treat of them dropping by and checking it out; now they know where we live if they ever want to stop by for dinner at the self-proclaimed famous Smiles kitchen. I must admit that it became a mission to get down there, while Vanessa and myself took forever on getting all dolled up and our hair done by Heaven-Ly as we walked outside we then realized that it was raining and almost had a heart attack. But we worked our way out and parked kind of far away assuming that we were getting a decent parking, yours truly walking in the rain in high heels all thru the streets of Skid Row to find out there was parking right across from the venue. LOL. Anyways, I was in great company of Pryer, Vanessa and Bobby and as we walked to the venue we were greeted and welcomed by Justin from Piece Magazine and the rest of the staff with copies of their 2nd. issue which was an All Girls Volume Issue filled with some of the most creative artists and music performers of this time.  You got to check it out.

We came to the venue pretty early, we all know that music shows don’t get started till around 11:00pm. The venue already had a great crowd and we worked our way towards the Piece Magazine booth/art display, we were greeted by the one and only Derse SKA. As the time progressed more SKAsters made their presence to support Thanks and Pryer on this show. Family stays together in all they do. Dras showed up along with Phib, Longevity(Ekces) along with their lovely ladies and more Graff writers began to arrive; even Steve Grody dropped by. I was even more excited to kick it with long time homegirls, Terry, Slowie and Fawksie One and of course Janneth, Delani and Leah, you ladies always make everything more fun with your presence, laughter and war stories! The night was perfect surrounded by people I love and admire.

I must say that the best part of the show was the art work that was on display. Nothing over the top, just one wall held the space for the art pieces and the lighting was perfect for a dark club. It gave the showcase an intimate feel as one approached it. Unfortunately for me, camera batteries died and did not get the chance to take photos of all the pieces that were there but I truly enjoyed the art work. Simple, yet very well exhibited and it accomplished its purpose to feed the eyes and stimulate the mind with great arte.

Much respect to all the performers that rocked the night too, I am now a fan of DJ Lala, she has mad skills and was throwing down with some classic old school tunes. Must say, you had to be there, although there were some technical difficulties at times with the sounds especially when our girl Fawks was on stage but at the end it all turned out pretty dope. It was really cool to see her getting down on the mic along with our homegirls from back in the days. You hinas need to come around more often.

Great job on the release party Piece Magazine! Looking forward more dope events for the rest of the year!

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  1. Hola Moni:
    Estoy impresionada del monumental trabajo que has hecho, simplemente se me cae la baba..esta muy pero muy bueno, te felicito Moni, que gran talento tienes, y que buen ejemplo de mujer eres. La historia te agradecera tu esfuerzo y dedicacion, love u take care mija.

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