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Antonio Pelayo presents El Velorio 2017

Que Ondas Los Angeles! So excited to announce another mas firme que wow event in our City of Angeles brought to you by my camarada Antonio Pelayo. El Velorio will take place on November 4, 2017, 7:00pm to 1:30pm located st legendary Plaza de la Raza 3540 North Mission Road, Los Angeles, Califas 90031. Remember this is a 21+ event so portends bien!

Antonio Pelayo presents
Hosted by Alysha Del Valle


DJ ChrisRox
DJ Orlando

Art Exhibit curated by Antonio Pelayo
Live art by Isaac Pelayo

Sponsored by
El Jimador

For more information and to purchase tickets, click on the link below:





The Seventh Letter Paintout @ The Autry Museum

CONE ART SHOW_18 September 11, 2015 we spent Friday night at the Autry Museum with my love Pryer and the Seventh Letter Family; Aloy, Evol & Krush. We were there to support an important charity event which raises awareness in animal adoptions as well as fighting against the killings of animals left behind in animal pounds.

The MTAC More Than A Cone Foundation held its second annual art festival which consisted of a fashion show inspired by plastic cones, carnival games as well as live performances. But the most important part of this event for me was to see our friends execute an awesome live mural painting experience for all art lovers that were present. Like always, in great company of my love Pryer and brother Aloy who we support unconditionally; the night was spent away among family members and loved ones. Although the event itself was an adventure, I found myself most of the night at the wall the Seventh Letter members were painting at which was a great spot because it was next to the stage meaning that I had front row seat to enjoy watching the celebrity hosts and live music performances.
The VIP experience was nice but not as exclusive as one had imagined; with the exception of free drinks for the whole the night. As I will never forget the experience of being cut off at the front of the line for the bar by apparently the event coordinator who was so rude and drunk and kept referring herself as being a “bitch” in front of our children. I have never experienced such rude behavior but it was more guided by her sense of entitlement over us as her guests. She kept on apologizing for being a bitch but kept saying over and over she organized the entire event so pretty much can do as she pleased. And of course I had to say something to her and agreed that she was being a bitch, but that she should not treat her guests that way, explained to her that we came to support and by that time the bartenders got involved and told us how important she was and who her father was. Which in reality the only thing I can say I learned about this nasty experience is that it does not matter how much money you have; you can still be trash based on the way you treat others. I attended last year’s More Than A Cone Art Auction which was held at Plaza de Cultura y Arte in Downtown Los Angeles and I must admit that the experience was so much better than this year’s. Hopefully, it was just the alcohol speaking and this woman, who apparently is the face and event coordinator for such an important cause sponsored by great charities and donors.
After that experience, I tried to forget about it and I met an amazing mother and daughter from Belize which made the night more pleasant with their warm hearted spirits. Thank you ladies for the great vibes and as promised, here are the pictures taken with our talented artist Aloy! Sorry it took so long and thank you for all your kind words and support for Graffiti Art.

As the mural progressed and we joked around with Aloy and Evol; more artists and family began to arrive, which made it more confortable to be among familiar faces. I love and cherish moments like this, where we are all happy, together sharing the same love and support for the artists as well as for each other; great times are spent with extraordinary people!
We stayed at the event until the fellas were done with their masterpiece entitled “Mad Society Kings” along with cool animal characters and bright color shades. The night could not have ended any better as we left carrying cool goodies bags from the sponsors as well as great photo shots of some of the performers and celebrity hosts. I want to thank Aloy and Evol for alowing us to spend an artsy summer night at the Autry Museum; we had fun and cannot wait to do it again!.

Much Love & Respect,
Monica Smiles Tobon

Recap of Dark Nights @ L.A. Live

If you missed L. A. Live last friday, here is a little recap of what went down in our beautiful city of Angels. Because as you know; our lives are lived in the most spontaneous and extravagant way! Los Angelinos West Coastin’. Frida, Pryer, Evol, Wendy Randon Chavez, Vyal One and Mr. Blackbrain were the highlights of our crazy night. (for those of you that were there; you know what I mean). I had a very special date as Frida and Pryer and myself came out to enjoy a family art night with our friends; especially to support Evol TSL, the 7th. Letter and for the first time to meet Mr. Blackbrain, an artist I had previously mentioned on this site with his awesome art and prints for sale at Haven Studios.

As we drive to Downtown Los Angeles, we can already hear the “Ghetto Birds” (LAPD helicopter) on a high-speed chace. The sounds of sirens and fast driven LAPD cops was just the way to enter the night with a Krylon on his hand and a bottle of Rose Moscatto on mine. Lil Frida came with her B-Girl jacket to bust some moves on the dance floor too! To my surprise, the event expanded three times its size from the last time we attended when my girls Petal & Blosm were live muralist. Therefore, there was more art, live artists and vendors. I was a bit disappointed on the DJ music since they were different areas for music. They did have a few dance crews performing on the floor and as you know our little Frida just had to show her moves to the entire event. She was a bit shy at first until a lady from the audience gave her a $20 bill, then Frida wowed the crowd  as they all cheered on for her. We Love you Frida! As the night progressed, my dear friend and talented photographer Wendy Random Chavez and we got to sip on some wine and take photos of the night. Thank you for coming thru friend.

It was good to catch up with new upcoming artists as well as supporting those that are always relevant to the Art movement here in our city of Angels. And as I had mentioned before, one of the main reasons I needed to attend this art night was to finally meet Ariel Vergez aka. Mr. Blackbrain. and I must say he is a very talented but most importantly humble person and that is key in this movement. To be humble, eager to learn and not think you got it all figured out because that is how an artist becomes greater with time. Thank you for my awesome Malcolm X from your upcoming Malcolm X-Men series prints. I will cherish it forever. Really looking forward on working with you in the near future.

A special shout out to the Container Yard for their Los Angeles installation.

Please enjoy this cute video clip from our Lil Frida shocking the crowd with her freestyle moves!



Much Love and Respect;

Monica Smiles Tobon



Dark Nights is back! See you @ L.A. Live this Friday

The L.A Live Downtown Dark Nights is back and right on time for this Summer 2015. Our friend Evol TSL, The Seventh Letter will be one of the Live muralist for this event so you know we will all be there to support him as well as shake our money makers on the dance floor too. Other muralist that will be painting live is Germs, MDMN, Phobik. SART, Septerhed, Michael Pukac, Vyal One and many more. Also, live easel artists; Nicholas Bonamy, Bert Hewener-Esenherz, Dan Gonzales Milnor, and over 10 featured members of RAW Artists.

The last time we were there, we got to hand out and watch some pretty dope muralist and Graffiti Artists such as Petal, Blosm, Mear, Man One, Sand One among other artists. Music was also great so I am really looking forward to this Friday, June 12, 2015.

Support our local Artists & See you all on the dance floor!

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon



For more information just click on the link below:




Recap of Dia De Los Vivos 2014

On November 1, 2014 our 2nd Annual Dia de Los Vivos event rocked the Belmont Artspace and the streets of Los Angeles. As more than 300 spectators joined us along with the Bob Baker marionette Theater to celebrate life and the lives of those loved ones we have lost. It was definitely a block festival filled with vivid colors and festive traditional Dia de Los Muertos art theme throughout. Our celebration consisted of live Graffiti Art which were the highlight of our day with legendary Graffiti Artists such as Pryer, Aloy, Evol, Pesky, Petal, Cre8, Vox, Rebornz and special guest Black Light King. It would not have been possible without the sponsorhip and support from Ironlak for these legendary Graffiti Artists to create masterpieces on our walls! We also had an amazing exhibit with art work from Liliflor, Cache, Zender, WizRok, Sandro, El Kawalk, Ion, Savv, Zeal and Wukang 82. Delicious food vendors as well as great Art and merchandise vendors such as Lupita F%@ Cancer, R & A Designs, Bus Mobbers, OG Huskey Radio, Luna Luz Designs as well as Blossm’s Face painting. It was definitely a family affair as well all joined together with the most sincere love and pride for our culture and shape fond new memories for the public at Dia De Los Vivos.

We also had a very special part in our day; the Bob Baker marionette Theater performed a great show for our spectators! Both children and adults enjoyed it so much. I have never smiled so much in an event as it was filled with warmth and smiles from the children. Our focus was mainly towards provide a family oriented environment which can speak for itself as we filled the event with various activities for families to partake in, such as the mural project for the children in association with .We also had live performer and Hip Hop artists setting the ambient for all of us. For many people who are not familiar with out culture of Celebration of the Dead, it might appear a bit shocking to believe that we are celebrating death but the reality is the complete opposite we are actually celebrating life in our own cultural and creative way!

Although the event did start off pretty rough and dramatic, as Mother Nature decided to soak the city the night before leaving high chances of rain for our event date! It was still raining on Saturday morning, I called our committed and asked if we were canceling the show due to the weather circumstances. It would have been a disaster for our Live Graffiti Artists to paint on damp walls and rain, so we all waited for a few hours and praise God the skies cleared and the sun was shinning. Lets get this show on the road. The entire committee from Praise Chapel worked so hard to make this event a success, from the venue set up, decorations and performers as well as helping the vendors and food vendors set up in the most convenient way. Now my biggest challenge was to make sure all the Graffiti Artists were accommodated and most importantly had the perfect wall space to paint due to the weather circumstance  but they were all humble and rocked it out anyways. By noon, we had legendary Evol, Pryer and Aloy sketching and planning a Memorial Tribute to our dear friend Trigz. The Seventh Letter members came to pay their respects and hung out with the guys as they painted in their own way their tribute to our lost crew member, father and friend.

As the show progressed Pesky set up a booth along with Petal, Drew and Guillermo from Alternative Source, an actual student of mine from the Art Institute. As well as OG Chaka set up his art for many to admire. I must say although I had to run around the entire time just to make sure everything was going smoothly, the public looked very happy and seemed to be enjoying themselves. We all truly enjoyed singing along with the performers songs like “La Llorona y Sabor A Mi”. Aside to the cold weather and chances of rain we all came together to enjoy a time of art, culture and music on this day. The feedback on our Dia De Los Vivos has been great and it has introduced me to a new circle of people, artists and supporters who are more interested on sharing family events with their neighborhood. I enjoyed this event so much and so did my Lil Frida and family!

I would like to thank all of you that took the risk on coming down and being a part of a great family event. I could not have done it without the unconditional support from my Graffiti Family, community and the Belmont Artspace. A big shout out to all the vendors, performers and exhibiting artists that made this event a success!

Please enjoy the gallery of pictures from Dia De Los Vivos!

With Much Love And Respect

Monica Smiles Tobon



Live Graffiti Artists for our Dia De Los Vivos @ Belmont Artspace!

Check out our Live Graffiti Artist that will be part of the Dia De Los Vivos event at Belmont Artspace, this November 1, 2014 from 4:00pm to 9:00pm at 1341 West 1st. Street, Los Angeles California 90026, in conjunction with the Bob Baker Theater .

Come out and support our Graffiti Community!

Much love and respect to all these legends in the Graffiti Art Movement, always a pleasure working with them.




dia de los vivos

Fuck Cancer Graffiti Party Fundraiser

I am very honored to present to you all this amazing Graffiti Fundraiser event which will take place both Saturday August 9 & Sunday August 10, 2014 from 12:00pm-8:00pm. At 1038 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90015. The Graff Lab and homey Frame DTK is hosting for a Great Cause and Wonderful Mujer Lupita & her family as she struggles her Battle with Cancer, lets all join and support her in any which way we can! This is what community and family is about, do not miss out on making a difference in someone else life. Pass on the blessings mi Gente!

So proud to see the Line Up of Graffiti Artists Legends donating their time and their talent for the Fuck Cancer Graffiti Party Fundraiser! OG Huskey Radio will be dropping the dopest tunes like always and just look at the sponsors also being a part of this great cause.


I will be there showing my love & support August 10, 2014. don’t forget to say Hello!

Much Love & Respect!

Monica Smiles Tobon