Recap of Art = Fashion Freedom

On August 20, 2016 Wardrobe Divas joined forces with two special foundations CancerMeNot and the Hub City Renaissance which took place at the infamous Art Share LA. located at 801 East 4th Place, Los Angeles, Ca. The panchangon was  6:00pm to 11:00pm and I must say that we were excited to be part of the first Annual Gala for Wardrobe Divas. This was an exclusive night filled with fashion, beautiful ladies everywhere, live performances and awesome Arte. Be ready to be inspired by a group of strong Mujeres making it happen in the Fashion industry for us all! And as it is quoted by Wardrobe Divas ” Be your kind of Beautiful”

The event was hosted by radio personality Calipso Aranda from Radio on the Dash, along with the sounds of DJ Tony; they were able to keep the crowd going throughout the night. I got the chance to help set up the last details before the event begun, hung out at the Wardrobe Divas booth among other vendors and stunning models, forgot to pick myself a Q-Vo Tshirt! As the night progressed, and the public crowded the entrance to get a taste of Chicas Catering, con unos tacos to make you lick your fingers. Wardrobe Divas hosted an art space/fashion show/convenient shopping while eating tacos and drinking cold cervezas all wrapped up in one. What else could the public ask for, everywhere one turned, a stunning pinup girl or handsome well dressed vato posing for the media press excited to get dope shots. La gente and the artists all bonded under the same roof admiring this mixtures of genres! Big uos to Bomb The Magazine, DJ Gargamel, Roten SKA, Anuh, Oscar Sketch Navarro, Carlos Funes, Aguilar Photography and all the participants. A big shout out to Cindy from Cartwheel Art that made her presence with a tour group whose jaws dtopped while watching our hot models everywhere; that’s right this is Los Angeles baby!

The runway show consisted of the collaboration of Ceci Punch Designs, NiCoco Creations and Wardrobe Divas. Must admit that this was my first time working with a Fashion show team and aside to the “traditional norms” of fashions shows portrayed on media and the fashion industry. I must say that these types of fashion shows, were you have women from all different backgrounds and physical types and although they are beautiful; are essentially important in our communities.  It might not be appreciated and can be understated by those who feel as if a model should live up to certain size standards. It is important to not only appreciate the culture behind this runway show, but to also analyze the undergoing revolution against the fierce Fashion industry of skin boned models. As we saw stunning beautiful and talented models on the runway that night at Art Fashion Freedom; and although the designers did an amazing job with their clothing lines, these models were representing all Women, mothers, sisters, regular women in all shape sizes. And as the crowd cheered them on, without knowing it, they were also contributing to the mission of Wardrobe Divas and that is to “be your kind of beautiful” powerful words can be taken in from all different types of individuals; believe in what you got, and how beautiful you are, its okay to be different. I left that runway show with an immense respect for Elvira Zamora, yes we want to look cute and fashionable, but not just any woman can rock this type of lifestyle; you got to be a Chingona. The kind of Chingonas that use any form of creativity aside to a rich cultural background and use it to revolutionize our bodies, our fashions, curves and tattoos, oh no we do not just stop there. These women hold degrees, business owners, inspirational role models, and artists to our fellow community. And this was the sole purpose of the entire night, the iconic pinup style beauties are a strong presence, you know they are the ladies that turn heads in any room with their bold statement of beauty and sense of confidence. Much love and respect to all the ladies in the place at Art= Fashion Freedom. A much needed thank you to Lalo Alcaraz and all the UCI Student Volunteers; thanks you for your skills on our Fashion Runway set. To all the bands, artists and vendors; it would not have been a success without your support.

Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon

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