Fawksie One: Please Donate & Share

FAWKSIEThe worst events that could happen to any parent trying to make the right choices for their children is to have everything fall apart before their eyes. And that is exactly what is happening to Underground Hip Hop Female MC, sister, and fellow loyal contributor to our Arts & Music communities; Fawksie One.

Due to unseen circumstances, Fawksie One lost all her assets and has left her and her daughter living in hotel rooms with limited resources. It really breaks my heart that she is paying some high consequences for trying to leave a life behind that was not positive for the well-being of her daughter.

Fawksie One is one those performers that cares so much for her fans, her city; her music is explicit and has shared this gift with us all for over a decade. She has offered so much of her time and dedication in helping others execute successful events, art shows as well as fundraisers. With all that being said and in this time of her misfortune I ask of you to show your support. It is said that hard times reveal loyalty and genuine support to those that support you! Therefore, this is your chance to help Fawksie rebuilt her home for daughter Violet and herself.

Just click on the link below:



Much Love & Respect

Monica Smiles Tobon






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