NELA Kids Art Show @ Mi Vida

On August 10, 2013, Mi Vida Boutique showcased such a heart-felt and original art show for the local kids in the Northeast Los Angeles. Ages that range from 2 to 18 years of age. And I am very happy to share with you all how very special this evening was, not only because of its originality and exposure to great little artists in such an exclusive way, sharing their Arte at the NELA Art Walk but also because it was my daughter’s First Art Show! Go Lil Frida ❤

For those of you who are not familiar with the NELA art walk is an Art event that takes place on the 2nd. Saturday of the month.  On York Blvd from Avenue 50 down to Avenue 54 in Highland Park, CA. The majority of the local businesses open and throw art shows, sell arts and crafts allowing residents and visitors enjoy the night-life with open bars, fine dining and of course music. I remember a few years back while visiting one of my favorite places in the NELA, Mi Vida Boutique Shop which is located in 5159 York Blvd.  Highland Park, California 90042, the NELA Art walk was just beginning and there was not as much traffic as there is now and it is very exciting to see how much it has grown and how much support this city is receiving from the public.

The gorgeous ladies from Mi Vida, ladies who I love and support in any possible way I can, have been sharing their space with great artists from different genres, and this night they decided to bring something to the masses which will conclude the summer for most kids and what way to end it then by throwing their own Art show before going back to school.

The little ones were so cute and professional about their work; I was amazed at some of the painting’s subject matters, from politics, to nature, anime comics and scary creatures like the one Frida did. It just proves to us all that our children are sponges and they are strongly influenced by their surroundings, and their parent’s teaching also. When a child paints, their creativity has no limit and we are all blessed to witness what crosses their minds. Whether it is an elaborate art piece or not; it has an ingredient that most of us as adults can lose at times due to the rat race and routines we are accustomed. And it is the pureness of doing something as daring as presenting to the world what they like or feel without any fears of judgment, rejection or failure; the freedom to be themselves and enjoying every minute of it. And I think this is why this little show was so special because being able to witness how proud they were of their art as well as seeing their families and friend being so supportive, it was very refreshing and promising to see what the future will look like for these young generation of artists.

With all that being said please enjoy the picture gallery of the NELA Art Walk and I encourage all of you to influence your children with Art every day! Pay attention to their interests and support them!

 I am very proud of our Lil Frida for taking part of this special evening, as she became an Official Artist at the NELA Art Walk by selling her First Piece….the world is your momma. We love you!  

Thank you Primas from Mi Vida for doing something so special and to everybody that made it happen.

With love always,

Monica Smiles Tobon

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  1. Very well said, thanks for shedding some light on the importance of kids’ artwork and the significance behind their creations. I felt the same for my son’s art piece. Children truly offer that ‘something special’…..

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