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Moby Arts announces its pop-up opening at Fathom Gallery, a new art venture makes its debut with “ICON” a pop-up show at 110 East 9th Street Los Angeles California 90079, featuring one Pop-Noir artist Black Brain benefiting Artist For Trauma a nonprofit dedicated to enriching the lives of both civilian and military trauma survivors by pairing recovering patients with established artists from various creative disciplines.  . Many of the works are Pop Icon inspired pieces the colors are explosive.

The Fathom gallery will be opening on Saturday, March 24th with a reception from 7:00 to 12:00 pm, rsvp mobyarts.com.

Please click on the Link Below for Tickets:


The exhibit will remain for viewing for the month of April at Fathom Gallery. Gallery hours: Monday – Saturday noon to 7:00 pm and by appointment.

Join us for a night of mixology drinks, music and Fine Art.

BlackBrain is a pop-noir artist disrupting beauty and thought. He whips ink like Dexter does blood. His gifted, art psyche develops stories that bring color to the mundane, dialogue to the mute and personality to the dull. His work is a voice for the transitional generation.

Dominican born Ariel Vergez, the mind of BlackBrain, was raised in Miami, Florida. Inspired by the heroes of his youth including Dali & DaVinci he pursued art at an early age which led to getting accepted into one of the nation’s best art and design based high schools and universities, Design and Architecture Senior High and the Cleveland Institute of art respectively.

Since then BlackBrain has joined forced with philanthropic groups and other artists, directors, writers, and community builders to pursue changing the world through art.

We hope that art lovers of all stripes will take the time to view works by the talented artist BlackBrain we have featured on our web site and come to our pop-up shows. Also, share with us what you’ve seen and liked by writing on our blog, following us on Facebook or tweeting with us.


Women’s History Month-Mi Vida

Mi Vida Front Store

There is no greater accomplishment for a business owner to genuinely care for their Mexican-American culture, customer satisfaction and mission as an advocate for the Arts to remain alive in their local neighborhood. Our featured nomination for Women’s History Month is the ladies from Mi Vida Boutique in Highland Park, California.

Mi Vida Boutique is located at 5159 York Blvd, Highland Park, California. This is a historical city for many Latinos since the late 1950’s; it was a canvas for artists, muralist and graffiti writers and still has its landmarks throughout the city aside to the devastating gentrification that has affected the Latino community. This is why Mi Vida is such an important part in the NELA (Northeast Los Angeles). It is still striving for uniqueness and keeping Chicano/a culture alive.

Mi Vida has been operating since 2008, and one of its sole purposes is to help local, upcoming and established artists into exhibiting their works, sell their products as well as providing opportunities of networking and exposure. If you have not visited this shop you must! As you walk in, the lovely ladies treat you as if you are part of their family.  I have been supporting anything these ladies envision for years now and they will forever have my loyalty and support. Some of the best fond memories with these ladies have been since they moved to the Highland Park location. The NELA Art Walk was barely rising; they were the last ones on the block of the art walk and not a lot of spectators around. But we all kept on showing up and kept supporting any ideas Las Primas (cousins) Noelle and Danell had. As the neighborhood began to change and more Latinos owners disappeared; Mi Vida stood their ground and kept supporting the Arts. They have strengthen their image as advocates for the Chicano Culture as well as uplifting women of all kinds on sharing their art, poetry, fashion and vocals.

Mi Vida began with a vision of owning a place where they can help artists grow creatively and financially; they gave birth to a place where artist communities can depend on. For over seven years, Mi Vida has made a huge impact in the city of Los Angeles; they have brought back traditions and values to women as well as the importance of keeping alive the Chicana experience. I remember one of the heart-warming shows they did on August10, 2013, the NELA Art Walk Kids Gallery. This specific event marked an important step into molding their image and taking in the responsibility of being a place open not only for artists, but mothers, fathers, siblings as well as children. At this point, we all knew Mi Vida was becoming more than just a boutique, it was a place for all of us as a community to gather and grow culturally and consciously.

Check out the recap of the NELA Art Walk Kids


The women that run this place are strong, creative and have a passion for their culture. They show respect to everybody that comes into their establishment but most importantly; humble and willing to work hard with their community. These women are a leading example that with hard work and dedication you can become an establishment artists and community members trust and are proud to look up. A venue for many of us to enjoy art shows and any other creative forms of representation of the Chicano/a Culture and traditions; keeping it vivid for more generations to come.

Much Love & Respect

Monica Smiles Tobon

Las Primas from Mi Vida

“Mi Vida is an independent boutique and gallery that has provided a space for local artists to showcase and sell their products since 2008. We are dedicated to promoting a lifestyle that is true to our Mexican American culture. Our boutique is filled with unique, colorful, handmade goods that empower our supporters._-Mi Vida

www.shopmivida.com @shopmivida

 Our store is operated by the following team of people:

Noelle Reyes and Danell Hughes = Owners

Jacquelin Reyes = Lead Salesperson

Adriana Serrato = Graphic Designer

Jude Garcia = Salesperson/Model

Dominic Ochoa = In House Logo Designer

Lisa Rocha = In House Jewelry Designer

Mi Vida Event




Teen Angels Magazine Art Show -Mi Vida Boutique @ NELA ART WALK

I am always happy to see my Primas from Mi Vida Boutique hosting cool, cultural art shows in our NELA community, we need more venues like this supporting our Chicana/o and Latinos Artists! With that being said, please come down for the Teen Angels Magazine Art Show which will e held on the June 14, 2014 NELA Art Walk at 5159 York Blvd. Highland Park, California 90042. 7:00pm-11:00pm. Mi Vida will be celebrating the release of issue #233!

Don’t miss out on a great show, music and you will also get to enjoy other galleries and shops displaying other artists and genres as well.


See you all there!

Much Love & Respect

Monica Smiles Tobon