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VISION: Paintings by Isaac Pelayo

What’s up Los Angeles!¬†Isaac Pelayo presents Vision: Paintings by Isaac Pelayo, Opening Reception on June 2, 2018 located at 1108 South Los Angeles Street, Unit 101, Los Angeles, California. From 7:00pm to 11:00pm. Hosted by Antonio Pelayo Productions.

Artist Statement: This current body of work explores the inspiration of the great minds that came before me. Visionaries, artists, culture producers, entertainers, and grandiosos alike; those individuals whose enlightened contributions to history inspire and inform my creative practice today.

Like them, I too seek enlightenment; spiritual, intellectual, and most of all within my creations. Thus I have begun a visual exploration of the occult power, and wisdom granted by the ever-present awareness reached by a meta-physical knowledge contained in the theory of the third eye.

In an homage to those who influence me, such as Frida Kahlo, Walt Disney, Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Biggie, Einstein, and Basquiat, I too yearn to engulf myself with the wisdom and serenity afforded to me within the mastery of my own craft.

This body of work is allowing me to pursue and explore a psychological and spiritual realm within my own work that manifests itself through my paintings. Thus the extracts of my own interrogations are presented representationally, and serve to bring awareness to the deep significance I bestow on the level of consciousness I pursue while creating.

Please join us for a night filled with art, passion and homage to some of the greatest influences of Isaac Pelayo.

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About the Artist: Isaac Pelayo (Los Angeles, b. 1996) currently lives and works in Los Angeles, Ca.

Isaac Pelayo’s hyperrealistic aesthetic expressions are a mixture of classical painting, enlightenment, and pop culture. Inspired just as much by Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Velasquez, and Dali, as by The Renaissance, Baroque period, Chicano Contemporary Culture, and Street Art Movement. As a young child, Pelayo found friendship with graphite and paper, son of renown fine artist Antonio Pelayo Jr. who early on exposed him to the Arts. At the age of eleven, Pelayo exhibited his work for the first time and won a 1st place award at an Art Contest that led him on an artistically curious path.

Today, only a decade later at twenty-one years old he works at the Ink and Paint Department for Disney alongside his father. His artwork has graced multiple publications such as Brooklyn and Boyle, Frank 151, Out of Step Books, and was recently on the cover of the Latino Heritage Month Calendar and Cultural Guide, published by the Department of Cultural Affairs of the City of Los Angeles.

As of today, Pelayo’s artwork has been exhibited at various museums around the globe, such as the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, California, and The Trotsky Museum in Mexico City. As well as renown galleries, such as Plaza De La Raza, Known Gallery, and The Seventh Letter Gallery, amongst many others.


“Broken Beauty” Isaac Pelayo’s First Solo Exhibit

A very special evening awaits us this coming June 18, 2016 7:00pm to 10:00pm. Paul Stewart presents the first solo exhibit of our talented friend Isaac Pelayo at Over the Edge Gallery which is located at 5413 West Adams, Los Angeles, California.

The Arts community has seen this young talented artist grow and his sophisticated yet a brutal reality approach to how he perceives his surroundings has gotten us sitting on the edge awaiting to admire the final product. I enjoy his social media networks because he does not bluntly give you a final art piece; he takes you as the viewer to be a part of his artistic thinking process and flow along with his imagination and skills from the various stages of his masterpiece. He shares with the viewer the satisfaction on the final touch and we can all agree that we also feel proud and satisfied of its final product on every art piece he has been working on over the years. So I must say that I am excited and curious to see his first solo exhibit; to see the timeline of his hard work and most importantly to finally stand in front of the pieces we have all been seeing online.

“Broken Beauty” Isaac Pelayo’s first solo exhibit will be curated by his father Antonio Pelayo; congratulations to the both of you on this great accomplishment. Curating an amazingly talented young Fine Artist and its your very own son! It will also be hosted by legendary Freddie Negrete, so as you can see, this is an evening you do not want to miss. See you all there.

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Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon

Bio Statement from the Artist:

Growing up I’ve watched people become depressed and somewhat broken when looking at themselves through a mirror or lens. People tend to believe what’s described and defined in the media. Hidden behind an artificially mixed mask, injected with silicon to reshape what society labels as flaws, imperfections, and ugly, altering the complexion of ones skin, and forgetting that beauty comes from within.

As a child I would stare at myself in the mirror forgetting time even existed. Paying close attention and examining my self being. Sometimes I would not like what I had seen. I started to lose confidence and self-esteem. Slowly correcting what I believed were mistakes and so-called flaws. As I grew up I realized I was wrong and accepted myself for who I am within. Everything around me suddenly became clear and more beautiful than anything I had ever seen on T.V. screens, heard on the radio, or read in vogue magazines. I realized beauty is not defined. Beauty is seen with the heart and mind, not with the eyes.

-Isaac Pelayo