West Coastin’ Bumpin’ Tunes!

♫Goddamn I feel amazing, damn I’m in the matrix
My mind is living on cloud nine and this nine is never on vacation♫
hahaha….this guy is a fool…I love Kendrick Lamar!

This is the Big Bad West Coast Hip Hop! -C-O-M-P-T-O-N-

Music video by Kendrick Lamar performing Backseat Freestyle (Explicit). © 2012 Interscope.

Dia De Los Vivos Interview with OG Huskey Radio

On October 16, 2014 I was able to go and hang out with OG Huskey Radio and talk a little more about our Dia De Los Vivos which is taking place at the Belmont Artspace located at 1341 West 1st. Street, Los Angeles, Ca. 90026, which is right across the Legendary Belmont Tunnel.

Just click on the link and below and check out our vision for this outreach!


It is always a pleasure to hang out with friends!

Shout out to MissReeds for allowing me to take you to the hood…for Pesky for being our bodyguard and most definitely our respect and love to MR. TRIGZ.

TRIGZ FOREVER! Honey we love you and are here for you always


Much Love and Respect

Monica Smiles Tobon