Paint For Puerto Rico ~ November 16-18, 2018

A united community means sticking together through the Good Times and the Bad Times, and the motto is the same within our Graffiti Art Movement worldwide. So please take note of the following cause friends from the United States and Puerto Rico are trying to accomplish on November 16-18, 2018. As we all have learned of the devastating living conditions of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria which occurred last year. The emergency response from our government was a shameful one, as the assistance and efforts of others to help the affected communities by this natural disaster took long and access to the island were limited. Causing delays to assist those in need.

And as an artist, or an artist lover, how can one help rebuild an island that is surrounded by destruction? With limited resources it is hard to say the streets will be paved, electricity, water and the essentials will be accessible to them. There are many ways to help, and it is heartwarming to learn about a group of artists, professors and locals taking matters into their own hands with the tools and resources they have. They have developed an on going project not limited to raising money for families, providing food, clothes and supplies. But they have been beautifying the streets of Puerto Rico with murals and graffiti enriched with vivid colors and themes to uplift their communities. Art is uniting this community and this group of artists  which consist of SHET ROCK, DANE BNA, KD FRESH CREW, & BRET BNA, KD, FRESH CREW, COA, BAD INC plan to attend the Festival De Carne Frita Nov. 16-17-18 in Villalba and showcase a Mural dedicated to Tio Papo and the 4,500+ victims of Hurricane Maria. In order for this project to succeed, they need financial support from all of us. So, please get involved and make your contributions for this great cause.

For more information on how to contribute, please click on the link below:


Much Love & Respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon

About the Artists:




For Immediate Release— By Paola Natalia

After Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, my uncle, Tio Papo, passed away. He lived in Villalba, PR and lived his last day helping out his friends and family clear roads and help those in need the day after Maria hit the island. He fell asleep and never woke up. He was a Farmer his whole life and loved his family.  We were never given a chance to properly honor him, after he passed away. With the donations, we will be able to to attend the Festival De Carne Frita Nov. 16-17-18 in Villalba and showcase the Mural dedicated to him and the 4,500+ victims of Hurricane Maria. We are a group of dedicated artist that volunteer our time and art to create murals in P.R.  We have done large scale murals in the past to help restore areas of the neighborhoods and bring hope and art to the people in the community after Hurricane Maria. We are trying to fund-raise money to buy paint so we can paint a mural dedicated to him in his home town of Villalba, Puerto Rico.

Después de que el huracán María azotara a Puerto Rico, mi tío, Tío Papo, falleció el 20 de Sept. Era de los primeros que murio en PR despues del Huracan Maria. Vivió en Villalba, PR y vivió su último día ayudando a sus amigos y familiares a despejar las carreteras y ayudar a los necesitados el día después de que María llegara a la isla. Se durmió y nunca se despertó. Él fue granjero toda su vida y amaba a su familia. Nunca nos dieron la oportunidad de honrarlo adecuadamente, después de su muerte. Con las donaciones, podremos asistir al Festival De Carne Frita del 16 al 18 de noviembre en Villalba y exhibir el mural dedicado a él y las más de 4.500 víctimas del huracán María. Somos un grupo de artistas dedicados que ofrecen voluntariamente nuestro tiempo y arte para crear murales en P.R. Hemos realizado murales a gran escala en el pasado para ayudar a restaurar áreas de los vecindarios y llevar esperanza y arte a las personas de la comunidad después del huracán María. Estamos tratando de recaudar fondos para comprar pintura para que podamos pintar un mural dedicado a él en su ciudad natal de Villalba, Puerto


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